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As I reflect on last year, I can’t help but truly think – what happened? I was attempting to reflect (like, actually reflect, reflect), and in talking with the best manager in the world, Tracey DeLillo, I realized – there are chunks missing from 2018. It’s all a blur; almost like I blacked out.


But, here’s what I can tell you that I learned last year – Canvas is family. And family sticks together, laughs together, cries together, and encourages one another. We may be an awkward family at times, with braces and bowl cuts in our onesie pj’s on Christmas morning, but we are a family.


Here are a few of my family moments –


I spent my first full year being a Canvas Coach in 2018. We are a small, tight group of people that love helping Canvas users here in the Community. I wasn’t as active as I would’ve liked to be (more on this later), but they loved me anyways. We use slack for back channel conversation. This can be anything from “Hey, mobile people (that’s Kristin Lundstrum and Ryan Seilhamer), here’s someone who needs help!” or “Hey, I’m not sure how to answer this awesome use case, anyone got ideas?” But we also have fun in there. Jokes. Memes. Gifs. They all happen. And there’s a lot of them.


I mentioned Ryan as being a Canvas Coach, and mobile guy, but did you know he’s also a fabulous presenter? He’s the king of all things mobile (although he’d never admit it). Well, he was gracious enough to ask me to present with him at InstructureCarn last year. He knew me, but had never seen me present. I don’t know if he was nervous not knowing how I’d do, but I was nervous because I didn’t want to let him down. But, he trusted me and let me run with my parts. We made fun of each other, joked around, and had a packed house. Amazing opportunity and one I will be forever grateful for. Thank you, Ryan. (Shameless plug - Check out our presentation!)


Speaking of presenting, my colleague Kori Schneider and I presented at CanvasCon Texas! We had never presented before together, and I’m a major jokester so she knew what she was getting into, but she was still kind enough to agree to present with me! We talked to the largest room ever (with the most empty seats ever) about a project she and I had done together. We had tons of fun and something I would totally do again. (For more information on our presentation, check out CanvasCon Texas Presentation: Accessible. Modern. Relevant.)


On a personal note, I did something this fall that has been literally forever in the making. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Technology and Performance Improvement. I won’t tell you how many years ago I started my college education, just know – it’s been a long time coming. This fall I finally buckled down and completed my final 9 hours. I want to publicly thank my fellow Canvas Coaches and the Community Managers (I'm not going to name each of you, because I'm sure I'll miss someone!) for picking up my slack this fall while I was busier than I thought I’d be. I also want to thank my co-workers who are on here, Tracey DeLilloKori Schneider and Yolanda Miller for encouraging me, fighting for me, and celebrating me. Y’all are literally the best and I couldn’t ask for better people to work with.



So, in a brief moment of actual reflection, these are the moments that aren’t blacked out that I can remember from 2018. Cheers to 2019. May it be full of pandas, joy, and joyful pandas.



On the ninth day of Canvasmas, the Canvas Community gave to me: nine CanvasLIVE Event Types…


I have a lot of reasons why I love the Community, but one of those is certainly the free CanvasLIVE events. For those that may not know, CanvasLIVE is a virtual event destination for all Canvas users. CanvasLIVE is made of different event types that may be hosted by Instructure Employees, Community members, and/or Canvas Partners. The sessions are designed to help users improve and enhance their teaching and learning with Canvas.


Within the CanvasLIVE calendar, you have nine different event types that you can use to sort and narrow down to find exactly what you are looking for:

  • Meet-Up
  • Quick Demo
  • Presentation
  • Panel Discussion
  • Twitter Chat
  • Live-Stream Workshop
  • Canvas Course
  • Workshop
  • Conference


For information on the event types, their descriptions, and examples, I suggest you view the CanvasLIVE Document: What are the CanvasLIVE event types?


To get to the calendar so you can start to navigate through the event types, start from the Community>CanvasLIVE>View All Events:

Sorting your CanvasLIVE calendar by event type is really helpful and personalizes your Community experience. You can see what meet-ups are happening, if you want to join a twitter chat, or if you only have a few minutes and want to learn something in a quick demo.


As we start to wrap up the 12 Days of Canvasmas, I want to wish you a happy and joyous 2018! Let’s take the Community to a most awesome place!




As a bonus to day nine, there are also nine CanvasLIVE category types! Just like the event types, you can search and sort by the categories as well. What’s great about sorting by categories is that it will also show you historical events, so you can continue your learning and not have to wait for an event! Those categories are:

  • Roll-Out and Onboarding
  • Course Design
  • Student Engagement
  • Mobile Experience
  • Assessment and Grading
  • Technical & Admin
  • Data and Analytics
  • External Tools & Apps
  • Community & Other

On the sixth day of Canvasmas, the Canvas Community gave to me: Six Points for Helping…


Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for a little extra hard work here and there? Or better yet, for those of us with a competitive spirit, who else loves taking down our peers in a friendly way? That’s what the Canvas Community gives to us: rewards and friendly competition!


Did you know that in part of the Community you have what are called “Mission Badges”? In order earn these badges, you accumulate a set of points (as outlined in the badge requirements), and after you accumulate the required points - you get the badge!



So, take a look at your Mission Badges. Where do you rank compared to others? (Pro Tip: when viewing the leader board for overall points, you can also view the missions!)



Here are a few of my favorite Mission Badges and some people I want to point out as being awesome in the Community:

  • Mission: Influence - Sean Nufer is currently Ranked #5 and at a Level 23!
  • Mission: Helper - James Jones is Ranked #4 with Level 574!!!
  • Mission: Leadership - Laura Gibbs is in First Place at Level 73!
  • Mission: Respond - Ken Black has placed Ninth with Level 44!!
  • Mission: Virality - Laura Wojciechowicz is about to take down Community Panda for the 15th spot and Level 77!!!!


I hope you can see that there’s more to the Community and challenging each other than the “normal” way to score points. Mission Badges give you a whole new way to challenge yourself and your colleagues - and it helps each of us who live in the Community! Mission Badges really are a win-win for everyone!


I hope you’re enjoying the “12 Days of Canvasmas” as much as I am so far! Happy Holidays, y’all!