• Canvas "Ideas" - "Stage 0: We are reviewing your idea"

    Am I right in thinking that, in order for an "idea" that I want to be considered in "Canvas Ideas", while it's in "stage 0" (review stage), nobody else can see it, and they can choose not to publish it? I hope I'm wr...
    Leslie Glen
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  • Account Username

    I accidentally activated my account on your forum with my personal email listed as my username and there is no way I can see to change it. Could you please delete or reset my account so I can set it up without my emai...
    Logan Marshall
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  • Can there be a way to specify which quiz type is used?

    Given the questions that I see in the Q & A forum that ask about quizzes, it is not always possible from the question alone to determine which version of quizzes someone is using: New Quizzes or current (legacy) q...
    Ken Black
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  • Lost all my content

    Hi,   Not sure where to ask, but I have lost all of my content in the community from 2015. Thank you for your assistance.
    Linda Lawson
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  • Giving a badge via email in editor no longer working?

    Hi Folks -   Is it just me, or is the ability to add something like a "welcome" badge for a user no longer working within the Community's rich content editor?  This is what I got this morning when trying to...
    Ken Black
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  • Missing Badges, Points, and Levels

    I noticed earlier this week that I am back to level 0 with no points in the Canvas Community. It doesn't really bother me, but it does undercut me saying to my institution that I am a member of the Community and have ...
    Katrina Dickson
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  • Older Forum Content Missing?

    Working on promotion here and need access to a feature from June 2016.  How do I find it?   I am able to find where another member connected to the feature, but the feature cannot be found.  I cannot fi...
    Don Bryn
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  • Calculate based on on graded assignments option removed!

    How do I give feedback about a new release feature?   I need to do periodic grade updates for 6-7 courses and still do not see this feature on the gradebook unless I am in the individual student view.  ...
    Trey Reckling
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  • Canvas Update Notifications

    Hello!!   I used to get weekly emails and emails for Canvas updates and I do not receive them anymore. I noticed a significant change in my Canvas environment this morning and wanted to see why I did not get an ...
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  • Back to school

    Samuel  Foster
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  • Guidelines on Sharing Content Critical of Instructure

    Hello, I am wondering if someone might be able to point me towards any guidelines around sharing content that might be critical of Instructure in this community space. Specifically, I have been sharing some links...
    Christopher Phillips
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  • How do I get a job as an instructional designer?

    As a professional teacher that has designed courses for over 15 years I am interested on how to utilize this experience as an instructional designer.   Any help is appreciated!
    John A'Hearn
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  • merge community accounts

    hi  who can help merge 2 canvas community accounts.  I am leaving one employer but want to continue with my account in Canvas Community.   Thanks
    Isobel Williams
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  • Flickering Mouse Icon in Firefox

    Original Topic Title: "Unanswered Questions" Button   My version of Firefox (38.0.5) seems to be having difficulties with the red "Unanswered Questions" button at the bottom of this page: Q & A.  When I...
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  • Every week: "Oops I couldn't log you in automatically."

    I get this so often:  and what's frustrating is that there is no manual login. The only solution that I know of (and hear, every time I ask about it) is to clear my cookies (which is a PITA).    Why...
    John Martin
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  • Change language on CANVAS help

    Change language on CANVAS help  --no link to adjust language of this help platform
    Moira Sullivan
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  • Where do I report issues with missions and quests not working?

    I am having issues with some of the missions and quests tasks not working properly.  It seems to not be saving the checkmark showing that I completed various tasks.  So I guess there's some kind of glitch.&#...
    Rebecca Penina Simon
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  • API query with filters

    I am trying to query Canvas with API, so I can get a list of all the courses with specific course settings. For example. the courses with " Students can only participate in the course between these dates" check box is...
    Tulga Erarslan
    created by Tulga Erarslan
  • Blueprint Exception Issue

    Hi,    There is a member of staff at our college that is using a Blueprint for some of his courses. He has been fine with most thing but has encountered an issue. There has been a link set up in the Local N...
    Steph Barry
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  • The specified item was not found.

    I have been finding a lot of posts that seem to have an old link that has been replaced with "The specified item was not found." Here is one example thread: Best solution for recording attendance from a magnetic ...
    Steven Williams
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