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I thought I would take a minute to share our approach to preparing faculty for the move to Canvas. We are in our opt-in semester and it is going really well. We currently have 56% of our faculty with published courses in Canvas for fall semester. We started with a small pilot in spring 2017. Fall 2017 faculty had the choice to opt-in, and in spring 2018 we will be fully transitioned to Canvas. We have been very intentional in over communicating and untethering all our support. Our untethered approach guides us to assure we can reach all faculty, not just those that are on campus and attend workshops. To learn more, please see this post on EdSurge. For Canvas in particular we made sure faculty could learn online, in-person, and on the go. You can most of our work on the following pages.  

Humboldt State began migrating to Canvas in Fall 2016 and will be completely migrated at the start of Fall 2017.  While our Spring 2016 pilot Humboldt State may be the one institution that has piloted Canvas the longest (our first pilot was Spring 2015!). This is not a boast, just a simple fact. What was truly inspirational about the Spring/Summer 2016 pilot was that it was driven by a group of faculty (from all colleges), staff, students, and administrators. This process allowed us to bring in all stakeholder perspectives through a coordinated Learning Management System (LMS) Workin

g Group, survey and data support from our Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE), and campus focus groups and demonstrations, including a 'Canvas feature speed-dating' event for faculty.  Read more about our process on our Canvas Migration Website and in the attached Final Evaluation Report by the LMS Working Group.


HSU Migration: What seeds are you planting now for harvest in the fall?

Photo used with permission, HSU FlickrStream