• Proctoring in Canvas

    Hello,   We had some departments bring up proctoring for online exams in Canvas.   Does anyone else use these services like Respondus, Proctor U, or Proctorio. If so, do you integrate them with Canvas and ...
    Henry Acevedo
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  • Duplicating Canvas Collaboration Docs

    Hi all!   Anyone have ideas for efficiently duplicating Collaboration docs in Canvas? I don't think this is possible, but I am working with a faculty member who would like to use a private collaboration for eac...
  • Call for Innovative Canvas Use

    Hi all!   Let's highlight some innovative ways that faculty/staff/admin are using Canvas for our April Zoom-Share! I was thinking four to five 5-minute talks with Q&A at the end.  This could be on innov...
    Kim Vincent-Layton
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  • Canvas Data

    Hi Canvas Common Interest Group (CIG),   Anyone dabbling in Canvas data and want to share what you are doing? At HSU, we are currently working with a programmer in our IT group who has set up a dashboard for us ...
  • Roll Call Attendance Grading with Multiple Sections

    Hi Folks,    How are our friends across the CSU managing / working around using Roll Call Attendance with students in multiple sections?     The issue:  Recently, we discover...
    Joel Gould
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  • What do you tell faculty about external links in modules?

    In our testing of external links in modules, it seems that only some destinations will display in the Canvas iframe area.  If you configure the link with the "Open in a new tab" option unchecked, there is a chanc...
    Glenn Pillsbury
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  • Canvas Outcomes and WASC (WSCUC)

    Is anyone using the Canvas Outcomes to measure what students are learning, in particular so that Canvas data might be used for WASC accreditation?  Asking for Sonoma State, but I believe there is a wider int...
    Kim Vincent-Layton
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  • Canvas Term Configuration

    Hello All,   We just finished our first full semester on Canvas. We were wondering how other campuses are using the Canvas terms. Particularly we had questions about these: Do only the terms have dates? Or do y...
    Henry Acevedo
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  • Canvas Grades and PeopleSoft Integration

    Who is interested in, working on, and/or has already integrated Canvas Grades with PeopleSoft? Many inquiring minds are wanting to get ideas/thoughts around this topic.  Potential Zoom-Share?   Reply to sha...
    Kim Vincent-Layton
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  • Anyone using Pathbrite in Canvas?

    Has anyone integrated Pathbrite (eportfolio tool) into Canvas? (Asking for Jolynne at CSU Fresno)
  • Are you using a blueprint course as your default course layout?

    While we continue evaluating a switch to Canvas from Blackboard, we're now beginning to look at how to create our courses with a custom layout, replicating what we now do in Blackboard.   It seems like the "blue...
    Glenn Pillsbury
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  • How to add course content to dashboard?

    hello, I was wondering how do I add my courses that I have registered for winter 2019 to view on my dashboard?
    Vianey Galvan
    created by Vianey Galvan
  • Best Practices for Faculty/Student Focus Groups

    Hello CSU Canvas CIG community!   We at SDSU are preparing for our student focus group in a couple weeks, and would love to know from you:   1) Did you facilitate one or more focus groups as part of your C...
    Sean Hauze
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  • Canvas Course on Academic Integrity?

    Interested in a Canvas course on Academic Integrity?  Here is the amazing course that Elizabeth Horan shared in our April Zoom-Share: (Self-enroll): https://canvas.instructure.com/enroll/BETTJW
  • Instructional Designers, in what department on campus do you work?

    I'm an instructional designer at Sac State and I work in the Center for Teaching and Learning, which is a division of Academic Affairs. I know other IDs work in other departments such as the IT department. Wonder...
    Kyle Cage
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  • Allowing instructors to remove students from rosters

    We have discovered that instructors cannot remove students from their rosters if the students were added via SIS import (which is basically all of them).  Only admin accounts can do those removals.   Have y...
    Glenn Pillsbury
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  • Arc Tool

    Hi all,     We're looking into Instructure's video production and editing tool, Arc, and considering it for our campus. Has anyone else looked into Arc for their Canvas instance? We'd love to conne...
  • Extra Credit Quiz Grading

    Has anyone found an easy way to have the scores from extra credit quizzes automatically entered in the grade book? All I can find in the Internet of Things is that an extra credit quiz in Canvas is still manually grad...
    Meg Yanalunas
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  • Survey - Getting to Know Our CIG Members

    We would like to know more about you and your interests. The results of this anonymous survey will be used at the CIG InstructureCon presentation July 26 titled, Juggling Collective Best Practices Through an Interacti...
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  • Interactive Transcripts

    I've been looking around to see how edX makes their highlighted interactive transcripts (see figure below) and found this link: https://community.canvaslms.com/thread/22170-interactive-youtube-transcript Interactive t...
    Milica Markovic
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