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Christopher Phillips
Click to view contentA space where news and reactions to the proposed Thoma Bravo acquisition can be gathered that would be of interest to the community. Please add additional resources, questions or concerns in the comments.  News and ReactionsLetter from Dan "Working with Thoma Bravo over the past weeks, it is apparent that they support our strategy for focus on… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Lita Bledsoe
I'm curious how others have incorporated captivate learning interactions like drag and drop into canvas courses.  I've been on a rabbit trail looking specifically for how to import a drag and drop activity into one of our courses, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of information that I've run into so far.  Any recommendations for resources that… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Denise Dejonghe
Click to view contentA colleague and I researched Project Management Strategies for Instructional Design Projects and applied the research to our Course Design and Development processes. She's in Florida, I'm in Michigan, and both of our institutions use Canvas and subscribe to Quality Matters. I thought that our research may be helpful to others in the Canvas… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Sara Frizelle
Hello All, We've been using Canvas for not quite a year. Many of our teachers are using a page as a front landing page and linking from there. In the past few months, I have had a handful of teachers tell me their images have randomly resized themselves. Each of these teachers are using tables and sizing the images with percentages. I personally… (Show more)
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r sultan
Click to view contentSince Canvas doesn't officially support printing quizzes and printing directly from the browser doesn't properly support all question types, I made a tool (Edustrap) that converts exported quizzes from Canvas into a printable PDFs. I don't believe this'll work for New Quizzes as they can't be exported. Let me know if you encounter any errors,…
in Instructional Designers
Justin Carrell
While I'm loving getting familiar with the new rich content editor my biggest annoyance is that the insert sidebar disappears every time I add a link or image. As a course designer this is greatly slowing down the way I build content in the RCE. It would be great if once the sidebar appears after you have chosen to insert a link or image that you… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
We are into our second term of using Canvas, and have established as our goals consistent use of modules, the syllabus, and the grade book. Without paying for additional reports, and lacking the IT/Canvas admin staffing to create our own, is there another, perhaps indirect way, to measure these goals? For now I'm doing informal spot checks, which… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
I'm using Canvas to manage professional development content across an entire division of professional staff and graduate assistant, and I'm trying to reduce the need to create overly long pages of content and/or loads of individual pages.   I've tried to figure this out on my own through web searches, but it looks like a lot has changed over the… (Show more)
Rachael Sweeten
Currently, SCORM uploads are added as one of two options: ungraded Assignment or graded assignment.  Please add another SCORM Category that is not an assignment, and does not add clutter columns to the gradebook.    Many courses choose not to embed quizzes or other reporting data inside interactive SCORM lessons or learning objects. These are… (Show more)
Rob Gibson
Click to view contentDoes this UX/UI look familiar? Canvas? Nope. It's Microsoft Teams which launches today. (A #slack competitor)  
in Instructional Designers
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