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Harry Hahne
I would like to make the answers to an assignment available only after a student has submitted the assignment.   I can see that I can lock an entire module until the student has submitted an assignment. But I cannot see any way to lock an individual item in a module, such as a content page which would contain the answers.   Each module contains… (Show more)
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Harry Hahne
Our school uses Canvas for both online and face-to face courses. Since the school has campuses in several states as well as online courses, the time zone for courses can vary between the Pacific, Mountain and Arizona time zones. To make it more confusing, Arizona time does not use Daylight Savings Time (since people here don't want any more sun),… (Show more)
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Layne Heiny
Hi   I hope there is no obvious answer or else it's going to be rough on my ego.     I built a public canvas site. The setting for public has been double checked. Everything loads quite well when logged into the domain. However, disaster strikes when not logged into the domain. No images load.   The files are all set to publish.  The site… (Show more)
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Abi Johnson
Hi everyone,   Apologies if this is a double post -  I couldn't quite find what I was looking for in a search.   What are people's strategies for doing "make ups" when students can't attend virtual class meetings?   At Saint Rose, we use Zoom for online courses pretty frequently. Some faculty will require students to watch the recording of the… (Show more)
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Susan Nugent
Click to view contentUpdate 6/11/19. In Quizzes.Next the rich content editor is different and does not include the right sidebar content browser. You can upload content from the toolbar. See this guide for details. Additionally, the rich content editor is now on the short term roadmap for improvements.  How do I use the Rich Content Editor in Quizzes.Next? Roadmap… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Sara Frizelle
Hello All, We are a K-13 school in New Zealand and are in our 2nd term of Canvas adoption. We have taken a staged roll out approach – which seems to have worked for us. Our teachers are now at a point where they are feeling more comfortable using Canvas and would really like to get feedback from students on their experience with Canvas, feedback… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Stefanie Sanders
We are moving from Blackboard to Canvas. Most of our face-to-face instructors used Blackboard as a sort of "document dump" rather than using the LMS--regardless of which one it is--to its full potential. I just had an instructor, who is also a friend, come to get oriented to Canvas. She was stuck on the idea that she needed a module for her… (Show more)
Laura Gibbs
Click to view contentI'm a huge fan of Pinterest, one of the ways I use it for my classes is to create a Board for each class each semester where I pin the stories in my students' projects. The projects are up and running now, so here are the Boards: Myth-Folklore and Indian Epics. As you can see, I embed the Boards on the Project Directory page for each class, and in… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Gregory Beyrer
Some of our programs allow students access to past course enrollments because they keep building off of that knowledge. However, the group list becomes very cumbersome and confusing, especially if instructors use a generic "Group 1" label. It would be great if students could add groups to the groups menu similar to how courses can be added to the… (Show more)
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