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Emily Pulham
Click to view contentCurrently, in the new Gradebook, if you have a Pass/Fail grading scheme enabled for certain assignments, the Gradebook just says "Pass" or "Fail" rather than indicating the number of points the student earned, and unless you open the Speedgrader, you cannot see the number of points. In the old Gradebook, it showed you Pass/Fail and the number… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Glori Hinck
Hi- I am trying to figure out how to utilize outcomes for assessment tracking as well as grading so that students don't have to upload an assignment twice.  Our criteria scores and the assignment scores are different.  It looks like there used to be a checkbox where you could select which criterion in a rubric applied to the score in the gradebook… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Natalie Hamilton
Hi. Just wondering if someone could please share some tips to ensure our images render for all devices. We want to deliver responsive images and are having a little trouble consistently doing this. Any advice or instructions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
in Instructional Designers
Michael Nardell
Would like help and guidance from people in the community on an idea I am working upon. I have been thinking about the underlying educational functions that motivate use of tools in a LMS, considering both 'built-in" and third-party tools. I have only been thinking about this for only a little while, and my background in instructional design and… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Kelley L. Meeusen
Hi all,   We're currently migrating to canvas.    We want our teachers to be able to add and remove other teachers/TAs from their course, and we have the  " add / remove teachers, course designers, or TAs in courses"  permission enabled for teachers. This works well for enrolments that have been created within the canvas GUI.    Unfortunately,… (Show more)
Emily Pulham
Click to view contentHi everyone,   I have some great SCORM OER content from for our Medical Assisting program. My problem is that when I upload it to Canvas, it displays like this:   As you can imagine, this is not user-friendly. I have been TRYING to fix the CSS and HTML on the back end to get it to upload and simply show all of the content in… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Nicole Smalley
I am an instructional designer creating a fully online French 1 course at a state college. This course will not have any face to face meetings. I am looking for interactive and creative ways for students to learn speaking, listening, reading and writing French. The professor is recording the lectures and other informational videos speaking French.… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Kona Jones
I am new to teaching Computer Science in an online environment.  I saw other LMS' can use a plug-in called Code Runner to allow students to display their code and practice within the LMS.  How is that done in Canvas? 
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