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Neal Shebeck
Is there some setting I'm missing? Looking through the threaded discussion posts/replies none of them have a date next to them. Just the initial discussion assignment, when it was posted. If you, as the teacher, open the discussion in SpeedGrader you then see dates for the post and replies a student at a time. That doesn't help the feel of… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Doug Holton
Sometimes I'll forget about one or more of these tools when building a course, so I thought I'd list them here as a reminder for others, too.  Use all of these tools both while you are building your Canvas course and after you build your course.  I've also included some tips at the bottom to reduce the number of errors and technical issues with… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
James Jones
I've written an Rubric Importer user script that will allow you to copy a rubric from a spreadsheet like Excel or Google Sheets and paste it into a textbox inside Canvas and then automatically turn it into a rubric within Canvas. Many feature requests have asked for improving the rubric experience and Allow Importing of Rubrics from csv Format  is…
in Instructional Designers
Stefanie Sanders
I have been asked by a group of faculty at our institution to offer a few "super advanced" Canvas training sessions.  I know that "advanced" is a bit subjective, but I was hoping that folks would be willing to share or link to existing content in the Community related to their favorite advanced or highly advanced Canvas features.  These may be… (Show more)
Dearne Willing
Hi there I have had a request from a teacher to create a qualification Home course and then use this Home course to link out to separate courses. The separate courses would be each individual units of the qualification. I thought I would ask this group if anyone sees any implications with this setup.   From my mock-up of this design the links… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Alan Kinsey
Hello Canvas peeps,   Question. As part of our online program, we require two proctored exams in our online courses. Currently, the community college system in our state uses live proctoring, where students can schedule a proctored exam, come in to an on-ground location, and take the test. We also provide an option for virtual proctoring, but… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Hi All, just uploading another resource that we have developed here at the University of Auckland and are provided with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license so you can remix to suit. We are two years in from migrating to Canvas and one of the ongoing issues we encounter is that our academic staff do not design courses that are… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Kenneth Rogers
My team is working on a project that will deliver content using Captivate, and we've run into an intriguing question.   Here's what we envision:   The easy part Users will access the Captivate module and take a quiz. Depending on the results of the quiz, they will receive recommendations for specific resources.   The harder part When they… (Show more)
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