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Jim Stigler
I'm a newbie to Canvas. I have found the equation editor, which works fine. But I have pages with many equations. Is there a way to include the LaTeX code in a page, and then have Canvas automatically render the equation? Thanks - this would be a big time saver.
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Melissa Wetherby
Hello Everyone!    I am looking for a Canvas Course that has passed QM Certification and was hoping someone might have one they would be willing to share with me. We are working on launching a new program for a RN to BSN degree and I would like to be able to show faculty a Canvas Course that is certified by Quality Matters. I've searched the… (Show more)
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Adam Cohen
Our ID team is pursuing a project to use Outcomes in a course so that Instructors have access to the Learning Mastery Gradebook as well as connecting the Outcomes to Mastery Paths and allowing certain content to be unlocked based on a mastery level of particular outcomes.   Canvas Support has said that this is something is being developed but is… (Show more)
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Eric Orton
We have some Math courses that share content, so in order to make maintenance easier, our plan has been to put the shared content in a private consortium on Commons and then pull it into each course in which it is used. That way, updates could be made in one place, pushed into Commons, and then updated from there in all courses where the content… (Show more)
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Kate Hill
I am working with our math faculty to develop online courses, and want to know the experiences and possible tips/tricks/troubleshooting that anyone can share regarding Pearson MyLab products. We are using the Math Lab.   Do your instructors use the Canvas page to take quizzes, view resources, etc. - or - do you put the content into your course… (Show more)
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Renee Carney
Renee Carney mentioned Instructional Designers 4 days ago Show mention context
Announcement: The Canvas Resources space of the Community will be redirected.
Aaron Tran
I apologize if this has already been asked as I am relatively new to the world of JQueryUI. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share what they have done with the JQueryUI being phased out. I have some ideas, but there seems to be a lot of ways to go about it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much   Aaron T.
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Kyle Cage
I am working on some training courses and am using banner images for each individual item in a module (i.e. Pages, Discussions, Quizzes, etc.). I am wondering if the best approach for adding banners to a template course that might be used by many instructors is with image files or should this be something done in the HTML editor? One good thing… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Tufts University Educational Technology Services Staff invite you to   Canvas in the Health Sciences New England (“CaHS” NE) A One-day Conference and Roundtable!     Friday, April 6, 2018   This one-day event will be a chance to: Get together with New England colleagues (staff) who use Canvas Share experiences, ideas, questions, solutions… (Show more)
Gregory Beyrer
I find instructors struggling with how to balance the length of content pages and the length of the Modules page. If a page is too long, students might feel overwhelmed with contemplating how long it will take to read all that material (a point for books, magazines, and newspapers!). One response is to break up long pages into several smaller… (Show more)
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