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Stefanie Sanders
The <div> tag can be quite useful in Canvas for chunking content. I thought I should share this sample page and instructions in case anyone here would like to try it.  Notice that my first <div> is sitting on top of the page heading <h1>.  The heading is still there for screen readers, but having the page name listed multiple times can be too… (Show more)
Nicola Langton
Does anyone know how to place an image as background to page content - like a watermark or background canvas so can still use all page functions and text over the top of it?
Adrienne Gauthier
hi everyone!   UPDATE! "We're Not Clowning Around! ID Meet-up at InstCarn"   Whitney Kilgore (iDesign) and Adrienne Gauthier (Dartmouth College) will be hosting the "Instructional Designer Meet & Greet" on Wednesday morning 7:45-8:45am at the breakfast location. Where that specifically is located is not yet known, but we'll be grabbing some real… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
With the new "Color Overlay" feature for course card images in this weeks Beta Release Notes, I think there should be a way to set the default behavior at an account level (edit: not subaccount level, since this really applies to users). The current default is to have the color overlay enabled, but I'd prefer the opposite behavior by default. … (Show more)
Melissa Kreider
I found the Canvas Style Guide through this group - awesome BTW. But, I now want to make my buttons all the same width. I don't know where to place the code?
in Instructional Designers
Emily Frank
We're thinking of tweaking our weekly overview pages and I wanted to see how other schools do theirs or if they do them at all!  We have previously done this to give students an "overview" of what's coming up for the week: includes a few paragraphs of introduction, the readings and resources they have to do, as well as the assignments they need to… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Ask an Instructional Designer in this Canvassador LIVE session on FB in 20 minutes! Canvas LMS - Join us LIVE w/ Instructional Design...
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