Elizabeth Dennis

SCORM Files: How to route learners' responses to a Google Spreadsheet

Blog Post created by Elizabeth Dennis on Apr 12, 2016

While it's awesome that Canvas can import SCORM files (thank you!), it can be frustrating if you want to see the learners' responses and not just a final score. Here's a pretty cool work around. It requires jQuery and a Google spreadsheet, but I'm not a coder and I found it to be fairly simple.

Take a look: Here is the elearning module (SCORM file) and here is the Google Spreadsheet that the answers feed to. My example-SCORM file is not in Canvas, but it can be as it works the same way.


I found the instructions on eLearning Heroes, this is Articulate Storyline's community.


A couple of things I have learned:

  • Only text variables will feed to the spreadsheet. quiz question responses, T/F variables, and number variables wouldn't feed for me. Also, it needs to be an original variable. In other words, it can't be a variable set to equal another variable.
  • If you want to feed quiz questions to the spreadsheet, just set a variable to adjust according to the quiz question response. If you need help with this, let me know I'd be happy to share a template.
  • Use the Google spreadsheet template provided in the instructions. It has the correct code in the Script Editor and makes life a lot easier.
  • Don't forget to make your spreadsheet public.
  • Double and triple check that your variables, JavaScript, and column headers are identical. They are case sensitive.

I can't think of any other roadblocks I ran into, but I'd be happy to help if you get stuck.



Source: elearning Heroes Blog: Bastiaan Timmer's post, Articulate Storyline: Export to Google Drive