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Blog Post created by Susan Jones on Aug 30, 2016

SO!   FOr lots of reasons it behooves me to figure out Canvas.

One of them:   I'm enrolled (second time) in "INstructional Design Service Course: Gain Experience for GOod" and ... we have the option of creating a Canvas course as "extra credit."   As somebody who already completed the course and created an Open Educational Resource for adult ed (what I *do* daily is work w/ community college students on their math & literacy skills), I've volunteered to peek ahead and help people in the "extra credit" part. (THere are several other reasons but as the line in AIrplane goes, "that's not important right now.")


OH, my, there are learning curves with dead ends...


So many  directions that (as with an awful lot of the videos) don't actually match what happens when I try to follow them.