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I originally started participating in Canvas Community because our Canvas roll-out team set up a University of Oklahoma group, but I just recently learned that contributions made to that private group don't benefit the larger Community at all; they don't even appear in Search results. That's a bummer! (And the bigger bummer of course is that nobody is using our private group space anyway.) As a result, I've now started posting here in other spaces at the Community, but I'm often really not sure where to post, and I've been posting in different places as a result, trying to figure things out.


So, in the same way that I made Index Posts at my actual Teaching with Canvas blog, I'll make Index Posts here, linking to where you can find my most recent posts here at the Community. Meanwhile, to find all my blog posts, check out the blog itself: Teaching with Canvas: Confessions of an LMS Minimalist.


Here's what I've posted at the Community since realizing that my school's private space was a non-starter:


Thoughts about the Canvas Outage. I was so impressed at the steady stream of helpful updates at the Canvas status page!


The Sidebar Never Sleeps: Live Content 24/7. This is a guided tour of the dynamic content that my students see each time they enter my Canvas course space: motivational posters, online resources, all that good stuff.


Mid-Semester Evaluation and Feedback. It's the middle of the semester already, and I really depend on feedback from my students about how the courses are going. Do you collect mid-semester feedback from your students?


More Visible Learning, NOT More Visible Grades. Instead of looking at grades, I want to look at my students' work, at how they are learning... for me, it's about the process, not about the standardized outcome.


Update on New Google Sites: Happy! I was a little nervous at first, switching from the classic Google Sites to the New Google Sites. But my students are so much happier with the New Sites, so I am happy too.


The Power of Randomizers… Everywhere. This post explains how I use randomizers in other course spaces, not just in the daily announcements.


Group Request: Connected Learning. I am really hoping there can be a Connected Learning Group here at Canvas. For one thing, it would help me figure out just where I should be posting my blog posts, since Connected Learning is a label I can put on pretty much all the work I do. :-)


And since it is such a fabulous infographic, I'll share the Connected Learning infographic again here. I'm not really sure how best to get people excited about a Connected Learning Group here at the Community, but I'll keep trying; for me, Connected Learning is the best umbrella term to describe all the kinds of things I try to do as a teacher to help my students become self-directed, successful learners. :-)


Connected Learning

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