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Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Mar 8, 2017

Whoo-hoo! Up until now I had been blogging in Group spaces, but I was getting confused about what I had blogged where.


Now I will blog... HERE! And then I can share to other spaces as appropriate.


Thanks so much to Biray Seitz for launching the new personal blogs for those of us who are eager to contribute in this format; I learned about it this afternoon in Biray's great presentation about the new Community participation system:

Quest for Community Domination 

video: Quest for Community Domination - YouTube 


So, after supper I sat down with a cup of coffee and created my first post. This post.


Update: Well, I tried, ha ha. Something is not working about the sharing to a blog, but maybe Biray can help me figure it out; I'll just share this to Instructional Designers for now until the gremlins are sorted (I found how to post to the blog, I think, but it's greyed out and unclickable):



The blog door is now open... and I'll be back tomorrow with a proper post. :-)


Open the door...
and explore the unknown!

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