Susan Nugent

Adding Images to Questions

Blog Post created by Susan Nugent Expert on Jun 15, 2017

When you add images to questions in a quiz the rich content editor browser is available so the process is fairly simple; however, the process of adding images to questions in question banks requires several more steps. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the course files are open to students unless you restrict access to the folder with the quiz images. This tutorial will show you how to add images to questions securely no matter which way you choose. 


Disclaimer: At the time of this writing the current quiz tool does have some awkward processes and this blog post shows how get around some these awkward processes. Instructure is currently working on building a new quiz tool based the community's feedback. Please visit the Quizzes Next studio page to learn more about this upcoming tool. 


Step 1: Upload Images to Files and Set Permissions

Create the images in whatever program you normally would (Photoshop, Paint, etc.) and save them to a local drive. In a Canvas course go to Files on the left navigation. Create a folder with the name quiz-images or something similar. Set the permissions for this folder to Restricted Access, Hidden, files inside will be available with links. It is extremely important that you choose this option. If you unpublish the folder, students WILL NOT have access to the images when they are taking the quiz. Upload all the quiz images to this folder. View the following guides for details on how to complete this step. 


Step 2: Adding the Images to Questions

In all question types you can add images to question box and feedback boxes; however, images can only be added in the answer boxes in the multiple choice and multiple answer question types. I also highly recommend viewing Kona Jones' blog post about quiz security and Stefanie Sanders' post about using multiple drop downs question with images. 



Option 1: Adding Images to Questions in a Quiz

The guides listed below shows you how to create a quiz and add content to the questions. When creating questions in a quiz the rich content editor browser will be available allowing you to choose the images you previously uploaded. Note: All the questions you create in a quiz will have a copy stored in a question bank called "Unfiled Questions".  You can go to the question banks and organized the questions as desired. This is not ideal for organization so it may be best to create questions in question banks so they are organized as desired. See option 2 below. 



Option 2: Adding Images to Questions in Question Bank

You can create questions in question banks. This allows you to organize questions by bank which makes it much easier to add questions to a quiz using the Find Answers option. View the following guides for details on question banks.


How to Use the Rich Content Editor Toolbar to Add Images (updated)

As of the November 17, 2018 release you can now upload images directly from the rich content editor. See the following guide for details.