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One of the most difficult things online educators have is to keep up with the changes in technology, especially mobile. One of the biggest challenges that my team and I have had to overcome is making sure that whatever we design for our faculty and students will be accessible in a mobile environment. We have gone through many iterations of templates to see what will work for all of our users.


We finally came up with using tabs. It seems that all of our faculty and students like the fact that they no longer have to page through many different pages to get all of the content needed to complete their assignments. By adding tabs on a single page, all of the information is there. The bonus is that tabs on a mobile device look great. 


Image on Canvas


Image from iPhone

Have you ever wondered how teachers create beautiful courses with graphic buttons that link to places within their course and even to external resources? Well, now you too can make your course not only appealing to the eye but also functional for your students or users. Any image can be used to create a button. To upload an image to your course follow these simple directions. This guide will help with creating links within your course. In the Rich Content Editor rather than linking text, select your picture to create a button that hyperlinks to content within your course. You can also add hyperlinks outside of your Canvas course using these simple steps


Here are a few of my favorite web-based free programs to create buttons in my Canvas courses. 

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