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I will edit and develop this post to make a more structured reply but my excitement has got the better of me.


This tweet popped up in my timeline yesterday:


If you are at all interested in the use of digital badges and their use in teaching and learning then I urge you to click on the link Concentric Sky | Introducing Badgr Pathways to read it yourself.


It looks like Badgr have taken badges to the next and crucial level by designing a hierarchical/stacking/pathway system (you choose the terminology) in which to fit their badges.


What is more, working within the Open Pathways framework, they have been able to combine evidence of badges from other platforms (if I read it write?) via an accessible API:

Could this bring together all the badging systems who have signed up to the agreement? We use Badgr and BadgeList. Imagine if we could add in Microsoft Educator Community to this? 


This is HUGE news and a major step forward/shot in the arm for digital badges.


If you are quick, sign up to test out the Pathways via the link in this tweet from Nate Otto:


Badgr Pathways launched this week, are you excited? Sign up for the Ground Floor pathway to be first to explore with five limited edition learning experiences over the next five weeks.  #openbadges #openrecognition #badgechat


Looking forward to hearing ideas and thoughts from other Badge users as this progresses.. 



Below is the YouTube video from Wayne Skipper the CEO of ConcentricSky introducing Pathways (46mins)

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