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Most of us would probably agree, students don't "need" a tutorial on using Canvas. Students are following the lead of their instructor in terms of course design. However, it may not hurt to provide options for our students, especially when it comes to learning a new LMS.

That's why we've created a new Canvas student tutorial course, called Building with Canvas. Just like faculty have a training course in Growing with Canvas, this one is intended  for students.


Building with Canvas course card

What Is The Course?

This self-paced course is designed to help students learn how to use Canvas effectively in face-to-face classrooms AND within online learning environments. No prior Canvas experience is required. Students will earn four badges (using Badgr) to demonstrate their accomplishments. Badges are earned at the end of each Module.
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How Can I Use It?

The course is published to the Canvas Commons to use and adopt at your institution! 
Building with Canvas - link to the course in the Canvas Commons (or just search for it in the Commons). If you need help using the Canvas Commons, check out this Canvas help guide - How do I use Commons? Alternatively, you can download the course file directly and import that into a new sandbox course in your Canvas instance.


The course is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License -- that means you are welcome to share it and edit it to meed the needs of your institution.


For Canvas Admins

This course includes a Canvas admin setup guide for you to easily deploy it at your institution. Take a look at the first Page inside the Introduction Module for information about setting up the badges for the course and how to deploy it to your students. 


Our design team at Lord Fairfax Community College have spent many hours designing every aspect of this course and we really hope it will help with student adoption and improve familiarity with Canvas. 


Please "Like" and share this resource if you find it useful!


Comments welcome below!


I did this some time ago when running a workshop for academics and course designers. It may help people understand how to design a #Mastery Paths module. I set up each phase as a Canvas Module.  The orange items are generally a page or quiz. If useful I can upload some others I have done. The grey boxes are where Mastery Paths can be used to make simple decisions.

Mastery 1

We have 1-1 Surface Pro devices so students and staff are big users of the stylus and OneNote. Increasingly noticing an either Canvas or OneNote situation happening when ideally it should using BOTH as and where the software best suits the purpose with transition back and forward when needed/directed.


The stylus set up for Canvas has been implemented for teachers marking assignments. Despite a number of improvements it is still glitchy (to use that popular student term). Read Jon Fenton great post here - Thoughts on Stylus Support in SpeedGrader 


Much more work is needed to give staff the confidence to use it and this is where OneNote definitely has the edge. If there were a way for students to move "seamlessly" between one and the other from the same location then it may be the first steps to getting the most effective use from both platforms. 


Recently started looking at Microsoft Teams (via the Microsoft Educators Community) and rather impressed by what I see. I like the convenience of the one location where it might be possible for you or students to access all resources you need.


When Teams was announced it did so rather mischievously with a video that included a Canvas icon in the PowerApps collection. 3+ years down the line, there is still no movement on integration. Teams now offers integration with Moodle VLE - if you are interested.


So I tweeted about this and got a very positive reply from Justin Chando, the Principal Product Manager of MicrosoftEDU:



So, CALLING ANY OFFICE365, GROUPS AND ONENOTE USERS, can I have your suggestions please for integration with Canvas and I will send the link to this post or collate the responses and send to him


Who knows what might happen....?


My own requests would be as follows:

  1. Integration with Teams Site as opposed to Office365 - Teams integration would make workflow better in Canvas
  2. Users in a team able to embed documents directly into Canvas - all documents are live
  3. File repository system in Canvas become redundant - no need to upload files or create PDFs
  4. Ownership of document and document access is set by the Team site and not by individuals - if a user leaves a school then all the files links made in Canvas STAY as opposed to what happens now
  5. OneNote ClassNotebooks set up accessible via Teams


18/01/20 Note: Since writing this post there has been some movement (pretty much on the Microsoft side if truth be told). Point 5 is possible and parts of Point 4. Still a way to go!


29/04/20 Note:  Lots of rumours and speculation but nobody any the wiser...

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