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CanvasCasters Podcast: Have Ears, Will Listen... & Subscribe

Blog Post created by Sky V. King (FIU Online) on Oct 30, 2019

I don't know about you, but I love podcasts. I would never do my own, so I especially laud and respect those that do. Know what else I love? Canvas & the Canvas Community.  Now those two loves have mashed up like PB & J, introducing the CanvasCasters podcast. Friendly Disclaimer: This is an unofficial Canvas LMS podcast.


Your hosts with the most-est are Eddie Small and Marcus Painter. They tout themselves as two middle-aged men seeking to become Canvas Jedi! [ Wonder if they know the #CanvasJediSloth ??? ] Learn about their secret identities. Their goal is to publish a new PANDAcast (podcast) every few weeks.


Beyond learning about their Harry Potter themed Professional Development Speed Dating endeavor, learn more about takeaways from CanvasCon 2019 & CanInnovate 2019. What's really awesome about the podcasts is their special guests! So far they have had: Megan Tolin (Episode 1), Paul Towers (Episode 2) Kona Jones (Episode 3 & 4), Chris giles (Episode 5), and Kyle Beimfohr (Episode 7). We also got a special episode to get to know Eddie and Marcus better (Episode 6) with a special shout-out to this blog post.


Maybe they will even do a live podcast during instructurecon 2020 in beautiful Nashville, TN?

Check it out and let me know what you think? Also, share some of your best podcasts that you love (as much as the Canvas Community)! And remember, canvasworksforus.


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