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Chris Slupianek

Sharing is Caring

Posted by Chris Slupianek Sep 9, 2015

Canvas I will share an "Academic Apple" with the Instructional Design group.  Every beginning to an academic year is different than the other, however many things remain the same.  For instance our institution uses master courses that populate the online and F2F environment.  Every term we have newly developed courses.  I along with the departments review all new courses that were just developed with our great team of Instructional Designers.  While I am reviewing the newly developed courses I am working with the IDs and CDEVs on improvements to the course as time allows. 

Secondly because of our master course process we run a duplication test of all courses that will run that upcoming term.  The IDs and some instructors will then check for errors and try to correct before the term goes live.  This is the 3rd term we have had Canvas and will be the first term where we are fully integrated, so we do run into some errors from time to time.

I have weekly meetings with the ID team, online ops and the directors in our department to make sure things are going smoothly.  Correct textbooks in the course and our textbook system,  the developments are meeting there deadlines, payments for development, etc.


We work with the Departments to do "Spring cleaning" on the courses to make sure all content is up to date, manageable for the students/instructors, and follows sound pedagogy.  This takes most of the summer and some of the Fall to ensure all courses are ready.


Other than that we celebrate a new Fall term and happy to see the students return.

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