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jenna scheub

First MasteryPath Module

Posted by jenna scheub Mar 31, 2020

I'm gaining some new skills thanks to covid-19. I just saw the moniker tragi-tunity, which is not meant to minimize the gravity of this event, but rather move towards "making lemonade out of lemons." Here's mine.


I teach Ecology at the high school level. We were about to begin a new unit on GIS and so I turned the entire unit into a Module with prerequisites and masterypaths for a choice assignment. I want students to move through the module sequentially, so I chose that option. Additionally, I wanted them to be able to choose an assignment for lesson 4. 

Module View with MasteryPath


Module Settings (prerequisites)


Sample Student View

Thanks to Kona Jones for her work on the Hacking Mastery Paths and Taking the Mystery out of Mastery Paths posts!

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