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I’m sure many course designers would agree that the need to quickly create a structure or repeat action should be able to be achieved with as few clicks as possible. That does not quite align with the official response to the feature request to “Copy Anything in Canvas.” My understanding of Commons is not that it is a means to make copies, but rather to share entire learning objects in an easily findable way. A designer shouldn’t need to add metadata to copy an object. A true copy would make Canvas much easier for instructors/designers to use effectively.


As the original poster of Duplicate, Clone, or Copy anything in Canvas, I realize that the kitchen sink approach might not have been the best, so let’s try this again with a clearer and more granular approach. I’ve created the following feature requests which capture what I had envisioned.


Copy a Module Structure

Copy a Module item

Copy an Assignment

Copy a Discussion

Copy a Calendar Event


Jordan Dayton also suggests that we review the following:

Ability to share a rubric to the Commons

Duplicating Rating Scales in the Same Rubric

Quiz Question 'Cloning' Capability

Recurring Activity Option for Calendar

Ability to copy, duplicate, clone and revise learning outcomes


You can help most by discussing your particular use case in the comments.


Keep the conversation going to make Canvas even better!


PS: if you need this kind of functionality today, check out the awesome work of Kenneth Larsen's Kennethware.

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