• Bring Clarity to your Canvas Course Part 1:  Course Navigation

    Bring Clarity to your Canvas Course Course Navigation + Modules + Home PagePart 1:  Course Navigation  Photo by Luis Guerrero on Unsplash Hello, I am the Learning Management System Specia...
    Rachael Sweeten
    created by Rachael Sweeten
  • Ready or Not: Tips for Quick Transitioning to Online Course Format

    In response to disease epidemics (Covid-19 Coronavirus) many schools are transitioning to online courses, ready or not.     Ideally, online courses are thoughtfully produced using multimedia, Universal Desi...
    Rachael Sweeten
    created by Rachael Sweeten
  • Tool to Identify and Delete Unused Files

    Have you ever wanted the ability to know which files from the Canvas Files section are being used in course content or where they are being used? How about the ability to identify and delete unused, irreleva...
    Christopher Phillips
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  • Sorting Rubrics Made Easy

    Quick Install Make sure a user script manager such as Tampermonkey is installed and enabled. Install the sort-rubric.users.js file More information is available on my Sort a Rubric Canvancement page. Updat...
    James Jones
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  • Unpack Those Docs!* Best Practices for Course Design

    *You'll be glad you did.   In providing support for faculty and courses, certain best practices have been validated repeatedly.  One of those is optimizing Canvas content pages to increase the likelihood ...
    Rachael Sweeten
    created by Rachael Sweeten
  • 2020 Course Design Essentials: Accessibility Clips, Tips, & Tricks...Oh My!

    Accessibility Clips, Tips, & Tricks...Oh My! The Canvas Instructional Design Team is excited to share accessibility clips, tips and tricks for our February Teacher Appreciation Event.  Our team values creatin...
    Tiffany Foster
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  • Interactive Digital Worksheets

    Thoughts on embedding digital worksheets like this one? One of the more clever Canvas / Google combinations, imho, is embedding documents. Besides saving paper,  Advantages Expandable! Paper documents h...
    John Martin
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  • Could You Be More Specific? Committing to Examples for Major Assignments

    Higher ed hosts a bewildering number of professors who 1.) fail to provide examples of completed projects and assignments, 2.) actively avoid examples on the premise of promoting creativity, and 3.) presumably enjoy a...
    Rachael Sweeten
    created by Rachael Sweeten
  • Images Not Showing Up in Canvas? Here’s What You Can Do

    In response to the Disappearing Graphics and related posts here, as well as related questions from my own faculty, here are some tips for what you might try doing if you run into a situation in which some or...
    Doug Holton
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  • Webinar recap: New Features in the Canvas Gradebook

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  • Teaching with FERPA | Blogging Challenge

    From time to time, we've held blogging challenges in the Canvas Community, and the contributed content has been amazing. Recently, it's been noticed that there's a need for content that focuses on student pr...
    Renee Carney
    created by Renee Carney
  • We Love Canvas, and We Know You Do Too

      “How do we love thee, let us count the ways”... Never mind, that would take us 601,770 minutes, or 10k hours, at a minimum [that’s allocating one minute for every Community member]! Let’...
    Renee Carney
    created by Renee Carney
  • My first canvas template to share

    Hi, I am finding my way to Canvas and I would like to share this community this canvas template that I have built upon another template that some one shared to the Commons (I can't remember the author now, but thank ...
    Mari-Cruz Garcia
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  • Hidden Gems: Working with Surveys in New Quizzes

    Surveys are possible in New Quizzes, although you may need some tweaking. There is an article here (FAQ: New Quizzes) mentioning that surveys do not exist in New Quizzes. However, this is not logically corre...
    Kelvin Dean
    created by Kelvin Dean
  • Update on New Google Sites: Happy!

    CROSSPOSTED. Updates will appear at Teaching with Canvas blog.  And no, this is not really a post about Canvas per se... it's a post about a great tool to use to fill a gap in the Canvas tool ecosystem: if you wa...
    Laura Gibbs
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  • 2020 Course Design Essentials: Event Launch & Giveaway

    2020 Course Design Essentials  Monthly Canvas Community Event LaunchThe Canvas Instructional Design Team is launching our 2020 Course Design Essentials monthly event. These events will include blog posts, li...
    Lily Philips
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  • Hidden Gems: Exporting & Importing Content in New Quizzes

    When I studied the comparison table between Old vs New Quizzes, I thought to myself: If quizzes can be exported, why not individual assignments? They should. Here is a viable solution to export/import a New Quiz. ...
    Kelvin Dean
    created by Kelvin Dean
  • Bringing Virtual Reality into the Online Classroom

    At FIU Online (based in Miami, Florida International University) we are blessed to be able to participate in a variety of professional development opportunities, such as leading conference presentations or a...
    Sky V. King (FIU Online)
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  • InstCon 2020: A Primer on the South

      Hello everyone!   I can remember a few years ago when instcon was in Keystone how much I appreciated the blog posts of what to expect in the Rockies. Being prepared for altitude sickness and understandin...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Project Management Strategies for Instructional Design Projects

    A colleague and I researched Project Management Strategies for Instructional Design Projects and applied the research to our Course Design and Development processes. She's in Florida, I'm in Michigan, and both of...
    Denise Dejonghe
    created by Denise Dejonghe