• Virtual Classroom - Hardware & Software

    We are a small college in the East Midlands (UK) and are looking at broadcasting lessons either using big blue button or a more suitable piece of software.  Could anyone recommend any outside organisation who cou...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Measuring success: course design

    We are into our second term of using Canvas, and have established as our goals consistent use of modules, the syllabus, and the grade book. Without paying for additional reports, and lacking the IT/Canvas admin staffi...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • How can I create accordion menus/collapsible content in Canvas?

    I'm using Canvas to manage professional development content across an entire division of professional staff and graduate assistant, and I'm trying to reduce the need to create overly long pages of content and/or loads...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Microsoft Teams

    Does this UX/UI look familiar? Canvas? Nope. It's Microsoft Teams which launches today. (A #slack competitor)  
    Rob Gibson
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  • Color Overlay - off by default?

    I'm beginning to think that the color overlay on the Dashboard should be off by default.  From a clearly design perspective it mostly detracts from courses that have an image. What's your opinion?  colo...
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  • Any tool to make the ID work process clear?

    I am an instructional designer at Higher Education area. I have been looking for a tool (project management tool maybe?) which can be used between faculty and me to make the working process clear. For example, using t...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • New Gradebook Quirks to be Aware of?

    Our institution switched everyone to New Gradebook a couple weeks ago. I don't have any experience with it. Are there any quirks that I should be aware of? For example, I know the late policy applies across the board ...
    Katie Venit
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  • Wrap Text Around an Embedded Google Slide

    Hi All, Does anyone know how to wrap text around an embedded Google Slide? I want to wrap the text below around the Slide. Any ideas?       Lorem Ipsum 1: Lorem Ipsum 2: Lorem ipsum dolor sit ame...
    Tracie Bosket
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  • Synoptic Assessment

    Is there anyone out there using synoptic assessment and if so how do you manage this within Canvas?
    Mike Ewen
    created by Mike Ewen
  • Printing Canvas quiz

    A teacher came by today and asked if there was a way to print a quiz. I had never done this before. I found two ways:   1.Click on Preview and print from there but it wouldn't look clean. In a pinch it would wor...
    Kendra Cameron-Jarvis
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  • Using Webex LTI - instructors, students

    We are piloting the Webex LTI with Canvas and looking for anything that anyone is aware of from Canvas regarding instructions: how instructors set it up, how to use, what students need to do - (we are turning it on fo...
    Robert Payne
    created by Robert Payne
  • Ever hear of an LMS called AuthoRISE?

    Totally unrelated question to Canvas...but you are my "peeps" and my LMS expert community. Anyone know anything about a new LMS called AuthoRISE? I was asked about it and I can't find anything except one random school...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Improving Course Navigation Experience for Students

    higher education easy navigation student learning #course navigation   We're piloting Canvas currently and are somewhat disappointed by the experience of feeling lost in a course. We're looking for workarounds. ...
    Suzanne  Aurilio
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  • Videos: All on One Page or Each on Their Own?

    Hi IDs!   My fellow ID, Jenny Hopf, and I have been going back and forth on design principles regarding videos. On the one side, you can put multiple videos on one page, and, on the other side, each video could ...
    Caroline Foley
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  • Online Foreign Language Course Ideas

    I am an instructional designer creating a fully online French 1 course at a state college. This course will not have any face to face meetings. I am looking for interactive and creative ways for students to learn spea...
    Nicole Smalley
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  • Are your Instructional Designers faculty or staff?

    In your organization, are your Instructional Designers considered faculty or staff as their primary designation?  I know many IDs also teach, so I'm not considering that ancillary function in my question, but rat...
  • Reaction Time Testing for Music

    Would anyone happen to know a way to have students click a particular element for a song and to gauge if the student is understanding the material? I am looking for a mix between a reaction time tester that is overlap...
    Eric Whitmer
    created by Eric Whitmer
  • Course Menu - Share out!

    Share a course homepage with the menu! Does your institution all have the same course menu or does everyone do something different? If you do have the same, what lessons learned do you have getting there?   ...
    Whitney Boswell
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  • UDOIT Development Outside of Canvas

    I was wondering if there has been any development of UCF's UDOIT tool for other platforms outside of Canvas such as Blackboard, Moodle, et al.
    Eric Whitmer
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  • How to create an interactive glossary page in Canvas LMS?

    Hello!   Our school use Canvas LMS. I am thinking to redesign the glossary page (which is currently in basic text format, long and dry) to interactive page. I know how to make it within Storyline/PPT, but since ...