• Preparing for Campus Closure due to Coronavirus: On-campus to Online

    Hi all!  We are starting to prepare our entire campus here at FAU (Boca Raton, FL) for anything that might happen due to the Coronavirus, such as students needing to work off campus due to quarantine or if the ca...
    Emily Frank
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  • Bring Clarity to your Canvas Course Part 1:  Course Navigation

    Bring Clarity to your Canvas Course Course Navigation + Modules + Home PagePart 1:  Course Navigation  Photo by Luis Guerrero on Unsplash Hello, I am the Learning Management System Specia...
    Rachael Sweeten
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  • Ready or Not: Tips for Quick Transitioning to Online Course Format

    In response to disease epidemics (Covid-19 Coronavirus) many schools are transitioning to online courses, ready or not.     Ideally, online courses are thoughtfully produced using multimedia, Universal Desi...
    Rachael Sweeten
    created by Rachael Sweeten
  • Using Webex LTI - instructors, students

    We are piloting the Webex LTI with Canvas and looking for anything that anyone is aware of from Canvas regarding instructions: how instructors set it up, how to use, what students need to do - (we are turning it on fo...
    Robert Payne
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  • Can we set up Canvas ourselves? Or do we need PD?

    Hello everyone!   My latest Question is About the Setup process for Canvas.   To Keep Costs down and to Speed up the Transition, it might be that we have to use an in-house Team to kick off and then guide ...
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • External tools for creating excersices

    Hi!  We are looking into different options on tools to create interactive exercises (quizzes, drag-and-drop, interactive videos etc.). So far we've been looking at integrating h5p.com or Course Arc.   ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Embed a functioning and visually pleasing search bar in a Canvas page?

    Hello,    At my institution I have been tasked with designing a student services hub. Using a template from Miracosta has made this process really straightforward except for embedding a functioning search b...
    Frank  Silva
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  • Online Student Resources in Canvas courses

    Hello Canvas Community IDs! We are transitioning to Canvas this May. In our (soon to be) old LMS we have a multitude of Online student resources,  Netiquette documents, Code of Ethics survey and other various it...
    Ellen Bloomfield
    created by Ellen Bloomfield
  • "Exemplary Course" award?

    Hi all!   We used to be a Blackboard school, and I used to look to the Blackboard Exemplary Course Award winners for "sample content" that our teachers could check out.   Is there a similar thing for C...
    Abi Johnson
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  • Guidelines for accessibility when showing messages for network protocols

    I am currently redoing material for a course in Internetworking and I am interested in making the material as accessible to students as possible (for example some students will look at the images and some might be usi...
  • Tool to Identify and Delete Unused Files

    Have you ever wanted the ability to know which files from the Canvas Files section are being used in course content or where they are being used? How about the ability to identify and delete unused, irreleva...
    Christopher Phillips
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  • Sorting Rubrics Made Easy

    Quick Install Make sure a user script manager such as Tampermonkey is installed and enabled. Install the sort-rubric.users.js file More information is available on my Sort a Rubric Canvancement page. Updat...
    James Jones
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  • Improving Course Navigation Experience for Students

    higher education easy navigation student learning #course navigation   We're piloting Canvas currently and are somewhat disappointed by the experience of feeling lost in a course. We're looking for workarounds. ...
    Suzanne  Aurilio
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  • Unpack Those Docs!* Best Practices for Course Design

    *You'll be glad you did.   In providing support for faculty and courses, certain best practices have been validated repeatedly.  One of those is optimizing Canvas content pages to increase the likelihood ...
    Rachael Sweeten
    created by Rachael Sweeten
  • Transfer from old Question Banks to new ITEM banks?!?

    I am attempting to import questions from a Question Bank in a previous course in to an ITEM BANK in a new course. So, basically I want to update all my quizzes from the old Quizzes to the new Quizzes.Next.   Wha...
    Julliana Lund
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  • 2020 Course Design Essentials: Accessibility Clips, Tips, & Tricks...Oh My!

    Accessibility Clips, Tips, & Tricks...Oh My! The Canvas Instructional Design Team is excited to share accessibility clips, tips and tricks for our February Teacher Appreciation Event.  Our team values creatin...
    Tiffany Foster
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  • Control Visibility of courses?

    Hey so, I've just been working on a course which I created in canvas.instructure.com and went to make it public then found I cannot change the visibility. What's going on Canvas?  Is this a recent change that...
    David Yeats
    created by David Yeats
  • Interactive Digital Worksheets

    Thoughts on embedding digital worksheets like this one? One of the more clever Canvas / Google combinations, imho, is embedding documents. Besides saving paper,  Advantages Expandable! Paper documents h...
    John Martin
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  • Multiple answers in numerical quizzes

    In what situation would I want multiple answers in a numerical answer quiz? Would I need to do that for something like $2000 vs $2,000 or 2000 or 2,000? Or does the numerical choice automatically filter out things lik...
    Katie Venit
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  • Could You Be More Specific? Committing to Examples for Major Assignments

    Higher ed hosts a bewildering number of professors who 1.) fail to provide examples of completed projects and assignments, 2.) actively avoid examples on the premise of promoting creativity, and 3.) presumably enjoy a...
    Rachael Sweeten
    created by Rachael Sweeten