• Speedgrader Comments

    Has anyone come up with a way to have a list of frequently used comments available in Speedgrader without using a rubric?  I want to be able to type in a comment, but pull from a list that I create.
    Belinda Stutzman
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  • How to Format An Image with Text on a Page

    On a Canvas "Page," how do you format, align, etc., an "image" with text on a page? I've tried using a Table on the page (e.g., image in left cell and text on right cell in one row) but I can't seem to control the siz...
    Denise Kreiger
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  • Message all instructors script?

    Hi All,  I will start by explaining I am an instructor not an admin, I do come here for assistance and ideas so thought I would try.  A while ago someone shared a great script which allowed teachers to view ...
    Lauren Sayer
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  • Zoomed in Content

    All of a sudden, a lot of the content in my course has zoomed way in.  I am using tables with images on them, and the table is much larger than it should be.  I've changed the size of the images, change the ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Side by Side images on a page

    I have been searching for 3 hours on how to add side by side images to my page One the left side I have 5 images   On the right side I would like to put one image   
    Merri Pemberton
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  • Certificate of Completion

    We are exploring ways to issue automated certificates for satisfactory completion of training courses through Canvas. This would be for courses residing outside of Catalog courses in Canvas.   Has anyone discove...
    Kim Manning
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  • Monitoring tool

    Have any of you created a dashboard to monitor the activities of the teacher-tutor of the course? What have you considered : connection time, number of activities, feedback, participation? Thanks.
    Kelly Hernandez
    created by Kelly Hernandez
  • Beta Relase Notes and UI Change?

    Hi guys!   Question -  has anyone heard of a UI change in Beta? I noticed it today, and scoured the release notes, but it is entirely possible that I've missed something somewhere.   This is what it l...
    Alan Kinsey
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  • Has anyone had experience with Coursetune?

    We have an Instructional Design group that are interested in CourseTune software and how it might integrate into Canvas. Has anyone had any experiences (good or bad) that they could share?
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • How do I get rid of extra space between two tables on my page?

    I am in the middle of working on a page and I am using tables.  I don't see a way to move a table.  Therefore, I am trying to delete extra space within the table.  In the editor mode, it looks fine....
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Using Flexbox in Canvas

    So according to the Canvas HTML Whitelist, Flexbox is not a supported element. However, I have a few colleagues who are using flexbox in their work and it seems to be working for them. Does anyone know if Flexbox is o...
    Sean Winningham
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  • How can I create a total points progress bar on my students' home page?

    How can I create a total points progress bar on my students' home page?   Hi everyone, I have looked for an answer to this question, but I have not found a clear answer, and similar questions are 3–5 years...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Using translation tools/plugins to translate course content

    Hello,   Is anyone familiar with translation tools or Canvas plugins that can translate course content? I am working on a project where we need to translate course content for multiple languages and using a tran...
    Diane Ellison
    created by Diane Ellison
  • Flexbox Grid tips and guides

    I've just started playing around with Flexbox grid (Canvas provided a great overview here) and am looking for more resources to help me figure it out. Does anyone have any favourite tips, tricks, or guides?
  • My Math lab - Gradebook re-arrange

    I have an instructor who has integrated with MyMathLab with great outcomes in the syncing of grades. However each time a grade comes over from MyMathLab it also rearranges her gradebook. So each time the grades sync s...
    Taintor Amanda
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  • Audio question for a language listening quiz

    Hi, We're looking into making audio for a listening quiz and are trying to figure out the playback options for the students. We'd like to have them listen just once before answering questions - are there any ways to ...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Embedded Google Sheets Missing a Row

    I successfully embedded a Google Sheet on a Canvas page.  It is actually a calendar I made for my staff as "View only".  However, the top row with the month (e.g. September) does not appear.  Do yo...
    Brenda Green
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  • Canvas Course Templates

    I'm searching for some course templates teachers can use as a standard for course design/development. Can anyone point me in the right direction?    Thanks!!
    created by gailc@cciu.org
  • SpeedGrader - Single Student View

    Is there a way to use the speedgrader to quickly toggle between an individual student's various assignments rather than toggle between students for a single assignment? I feel like this feature would come in handy. I ...
    Emily Pulham
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  • Renaming a SCORM package in Course SCORM Tool

    Hello,  I used to be able to do this (as recently as Nov 2018), but somehow something is different or at some point I totally forgot something basic... When I upload a SCORM package to a course, using the SCORM ...
    Mirah Lake
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