• Automagically download a clicked file on a Page

    Hello fellow designers! Is it at all possible to just link to a file on a Page and have it download automatically? I'm looking for it NOT to load in a preview. (It's an .ics file) Thanks!
    Nicole Ronan
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  • SoftLink and Canvas Integration

    Has anyone explored an integration with Softlink - the automated library software service and Canvas?   We use Oliver which is Softlink's automated library software.   On their website they list integratio...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • How do I add a metatag to course pages

    I've just added Google Tag Manager code snippets to my Canvas instance via Theme Manager... Using Google Tag Manager to add Google Analytics  However, there's an extra step that's not mentioned. I've need to ad...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Removing small external link icon

    Hi,    One of my navigation buttons links to an external site outside of Canvas, and it adds in the little 'external link' icon, which throws the height of that particular button out of sync with the rest.&...
    Liam Lynch
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  • Where are my sub account outcomes?

    So I'm just starting to play with outcomes for one of our departments.  We have a sub account just for their course.  I went to admin, clicked on that sub account and created some outcomes for that sub accou...
    Kalli Binkowski
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  • Syllabus - Next button?

    Is it possible to add a next button to the Canvas Syllabus page? Teachers are stating that students can't navigate once they access syllabus. Any thoughts or suggestions on this would be appreciated.
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Syllabus - Navigation

    Is it possible to add a next button to the Canvas Syllabus page? Teachers are stating that students can't navigate once they access syllabus. Any thoughts or suggestions on this would be appreciated.
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  • Dynamic accordion that adjusts to each panel's content

    I like to use the <div class="enhanceable_content accordion"> but the way it currently works is that the height of all panels is fixed to the height of the panel with the most content, meaning the panels do not ...
    Jennifer Larson
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  • Instructional Design for Mobile Learning

    Greetings! My name is Mable Williams, PhD and I am new to the Instructional Designer Community.  I recently did an Internet search for available Mobile Learning training for Instructional Designers.  I came...
    Mable Williams
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  • Viewing Complete Excel Sheet as Assignment Submission

    I have an instructor who has her students upload an Excel Sheet every week as an assignment. They add to the same file every week and re-upload it as a separate assignment submission. Things were going fine up to Week...
    JoLynne Blake
    created by JoLynne Blake
  • Can mastery paths be copied or exported?

    I have set up a competency-based course using mastery paths. I have need to export this course, or make it available through Commons, to give it to others who want to use it on their own Canvas instances. Also, I need...
    Eric Orton
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  • HTML Button toggle content

    I am trying to make some interactive content in a page. Ideally, there would be a button that upon being pressed would yield some further information sort of analogous to the javascript alert method, except without th...
    Nick Schwieterman
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  • Need HTML for dropdown menu/ options inside a table

    I have a teacher creating a homepage with a table. On the left hand column of the table is a list of links. She would like to be able to hover over the links and get a drop down menu of choices to click OR be able to ...
    Jennifer Anderson
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  • How can I control parameters of Google Sheet embedded via external tools

    I am trying to figure out a way to use the external_tools/retrieve? to open a google sheet from Google Drive and still allow me to control the view of the sheet like it would if I used the embed code from google. When...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Conferzoom recordings and Discussion board

    I have an amazing instructor who is using conferzoom to record mock job interviews and then embed in canvas dicussions for peer feedback. We were using the HTML below to embed them but last night it stopped working. A...
    amanda taintor
    created by amanda taintor
  • Online lab assignment checklist for evaluators

    Our institution teaches health courses. We use Canvas for all homework assignments. However, we would like to use Canvas to grade students when they are in the lab performing procedures. We would like an interactive c...
    Steve Barry
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  • Can outcomes be shared between courses in FFT?

    I would like to use outcomes and the mastery gradebook in my courses (which are in Free for Teachers). My first attempt crashed and burned when I tried to import the same set of outcomes into multiple classes. I've be...
    Douglas Urner
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  • Embed CSS in Canvas page?

    I use a fair amount of inline CSS to visually format the materials for my courses. One frustration I have is that I cannot use external or embedded styles to do this more efficiently: I have to micro style every insta...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Speedgrader Comments

    Has anyone come up with a way to have a list of frequently used comments available in Speedgrader without using a rubric?  I want to be able to type in a comment, but pull from a list that I create.
    Belinda Stutzman
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  • How to Format An Image with Text on a Page

    On a Canvas "Page," how do you format, align, etc., an "image" with text on a page? I've tried using a Table on the page (e.g., image in left cell and text on right cell in one row) but I can't seem to control the siz...
    Denise Kreiger
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