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Hao-Nhien Vu
Where do I go to find statistics about a grade column? Mean, SD, min, max, etc.?
in New Gradebook Users Group
How do I find statistics for an assignment or quiz in the new gradebook? I'd like to see the class average on a test. 
Jayde Colquhoun
Click to view contentHi all,    Hoping someone can help me here!   I have an example of a time (April 2019 this screenshot was taken) when the auto-late penalty 'Late submission deduction per cent' percentage allowed a decimal place:   - now it doesn't.. and I don't know how this happened.. can someone point me to the release where this changed? Or some… (Show more)
in New Gradebook Users Group
Erin Hallmark
Final Grade Override is supported via the GraphQL API.    Setting final grade overrides or requesting final grade override data can only be done via a GraphQL endpoint. Accessing the endpoint can be done with any client that can make HTTP requests.   GraphQL endpoints can be accessed using one of two methods: GraphiQL and cURL. GraphQL endpoint…
in New Gradebook Users Group
How far along are you and when will you be done? As noted in Priority: Gradebook Enhancements, we have completed all initial projects planned for the new Gradebook. The last feature, Post Policies, was part of the Canvas Release Notes (2019-07-13).    The Gradebook is generally available to all users via the New Gradebook feature option and can…
in New Gradebook Users Group
adam c
I'm having a problem with the "automatically apply a grade for missing submissions" option. I have assignments' grades come into Canvas from a third party tool (Cengage/WebAssign). However, any missing assignments are not being flagged as missing, nor being given the grade that I set (0% in this case).   Anyone see something similar, or have a… (Show more)
in New Gradebook Users Group
Lauren Sayer
Description of the Bug: Some students cannot enter data into gradebook cells   Steps to Reproduce: In our course sections some students are greyed out and you cannot add data.  
in New Gradebook Users Group
Peter Hess
Is anyone using the New Gradebook also using the Examsoft's LTI integration?  If so, any problems with the grade pass-back?  Any other issues emerge?  If you're using other LTIs that have grade pass-back, we'd be interested in hearing about how that experience is going for you too.   Thanks.
in New Gradebook Users Group
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