• New Gradebook and SpeedGrader Muting Behavior Changes

    The New Gradebook has modified the functionality of muting and unmuting. The main change is that this new functionality allows graders to have more control for posting grades on a granular level, such as by section, b...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Canvas Release: New Gradebook

    This document introduces the New Gradebook as noted in Canvas Production Release Notes (2017-11-18).  The New Gradebook is a beta feature that allows instructors to view an improved version of the Gradebook...
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  • New Gradebook Resources

    The following resources are available to help you learn all about the New Gradebook.   General How-To Comparisons Platform/Integration General New Gradebook: FAQ  Find common quest...
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  • Grade stats?

    Where do I go to find statistics about a grade column? Mean, SD, min, max, etc.?
    Hao-Nhien Vu
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  • Grade Override Options

    I am working with a number of our institutions on the new Gradebook. One of the positives is the ability to override a grade. However, it appears to me that the grade override ONLY lets one change the calculated grade...
    Nancy LaChance
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  • Ability to remove late penalty from SpeedGrader?

    I am overall pleased with the automatic late/missing deductions.  However, there are times I do not want to count a specific student late because of an excused absence. I can see the late penalty when I am in Spe...
    Lauren Pfister
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  • AnalyticsBETA implementation with New Gradebook

    With the launch of new analytics being accessed through the gradebook “Assignment Details”, what does this mean for current analytics? Are the course and student analytics buttons on the right nav within t...
    Heather Honer
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  • Hidden Eye Still Showing When Grades Posted

    I have a faculty who set their whole gradebook to manual posting of grades. The problem is, they posted grades for an assignment and the "hidden" eye is still visible on that gradebook item. Why is that? Shouldn't it ...
    Erin Hallmark
    created by Erin Hallmark
  • New Gradebook Post Policies: Release comments without grades?

    Hi folks,   We turned on New Gradebook recently in advance of the start of fall semester, and encountered something unexpected with one of our pre-term courses (a high-profile intensive simulation-based course f...
    Linda J. Lee
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  • Post Policy Updates Feedback

    Hey everyone,  We're grateful for all of the feedback we've received on Post Policies. The team has been working hard to address the most pressing issues and we've released several bug fixes over the last few wee...
    Erin Hallmark
    created by Erin Hallmark
  • Treat ungraded Items as a zero

    This is a popular feature for some faculty, and I am not seeing it in the new gradebook.  I like the newer processes, but I am concerned that we are losing a frequently used feature to evaluate class performance ...
    Matthew Moore
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  • Functionality Comparison:  Current vs. New Canvas Gradebook

    To help with the transition from the current Canvas gradebook to the New Gradebook I created the following functionality comparison. This is a working document, so feel free to comment on if you think wording needs tw...
    Kona Jones
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  • Can the late quiz show the penalty please?

    Why don't we tell students they have a penalty on every page. This is inconsistent and will cause many distressed students and faculty as they constantly have to explain inconsistent messaging in Canvas. Student take...
    Karen Matson
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  • Late Policies - Percents or Points?

    I can't believe this question hasn't been asked, so I do apologize if I've missed it!  I did search the questions and have tried to follow the dialogues - but haven't found it.  The Late Policies use percent...
    Judy Harmon
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  • Grade Post Policies Overview and API Changes

    Overview Visual Updates API Changes New GraphQL Endpoints   Overview Grade Post Policies transfers the concept of assignment-wide “muting” to the level of individual submissions for th...
    Erin Hallmark
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  • Icon (hover note) for assignments that don't count

    In the original Gradebook, when a user hovers their mouse over an assignment that does not get counted in the final grade, a tool tip would appear indicating as such: Having the tool tip appear on hover is a quick ...
    Rosie Sasso
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  • Overriding automatic statuses

    We are K12 and have teachers create assignments where they accept both digital and paper work from their students. In order to allow students to submit a file or link, they have to designate the file type as a digital...
    Audra Agnelly
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  • Third Party Tools - Late Policy

    Hi everyone,   Just wanted to put this out there and see if any other schools had observed something similar with regards to third party tool behavior in the new gradebook.   It seems to be that late polic...
    Patricia Estrada
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  • "finalized" grades

    Greetings, Our institution is in our first term using Canvas. We have a procedural issue reporting grades to our SIS.   As I understand it, when it is time to report grades to our SIS, as an admin, I run a grad...
    Mason Conklin
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  • Automark quizzes as missing

    The new gradebook used to integrate with the quizzes.beta so that if students did not submit their quiz before the deadline it would be automatically marked as missing (and given a 0 based on my policy) in the gradebo...
    Hannah Crowder
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