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Kelvin Dean
According to this link, Arc Release Notes (2019-04-01), Arc Video Quizzing is available for all accounts. How can I get access to Arc if I am using Free-For-Teachers? I do not see it on the Global Navigation menu on the left.
in Free-For-Teachers
Stefanie Sanders
is there a limit on the number of students in a course in the free for teachers version of Canvas?
Kelley L. Meeusen
I am having trouble with adding users who do not yet have an account. I have followed the procedure "click on people tab" > "+ People" > Send the invite via e-mail, but no one has received the e-mail.    I saw a suggestion to add them manually by using the admin tab but I do not have an admin tab. I am the person setting this up so if I should… (Show more)
Sarah Poulin
Does anyone have suggestions as to how I can set things up as a homeschooling parent? I use Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool, and it is divided into "Days," and each "Day" has various subjects with tasks. I named my course "2018-2019" and then each module is used as a "subject," and each Assignment/Quiz or whatever is the tasks for that subject… (Show more)
Elisa Paltenghe
Hello, all. This has happened with 5 or 6 different students now. I try to invite them to a course, but then the last stage of "Add People" where it says "users are ready to be added to the course" it will list the new invite's email address as already being associated with another student's name. There seems to be no way to correct this. Even… (Show more)
in Free-For-Teachers
Carlos Henrique
Click to view contentHi,   Is it possible to disable, in the student's account, the option to start a new course in Canvas LMS Free For Teachers?     When I change the student account role to TA, the option to start a new course disappears, but in this case it is possible to edit all course functions, almost as an administrator...   If the account is for a… (Show more)
in Free-For-Teachers
Gregory Beyrer
I am interested to learn which options are enabled on the FFT server. For example, the upcoming Canvas Production Release Notes (2017-04-22) indicate a change to the default home page for new courses and the New Instructor Tutorials. But the notes also state that this option has to be enabled on the Account Settings page by the local admin. Is… (Show more)
in Free-For-Teachers
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