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Stefanie Sanders
I've just created a new teacher account via . All the name fields in Settings are blank. These fields used to default to the username data entered on the new account dialog. This has changed recently and now my application will not launch because it relies on the name field containing data. Is this a bug or an… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
I am a private consultant who does instruction at several colleges and with several corporate clients. I have a State approved training program which before COVID-19 was done face to face.   I have created the course cards and am creating the content to do online training.   I have no problem with crating the course cards what I don't understand… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
I want to prevent students from opening a new conference when they entering the conference link. I read to change permissions, but for the life of me, I can't find the area to do that. In the menu, there is suppose to be an Administrator link below "Account" but this doesn't show on mine. Below "Account" shows "Dashboard" link. I assume my role is… (Show more)
Cody Titmus
Click to view contentCanvas created Free-for-Teacher accounts for anyone who wants to teach online—for free. Free-for-Teacher accounts offer all the standard features to help you in your educational pursuits using both synchronous and asynchronous tools.    To get started, you’ll need a Canvas account. Canvas accounts are always free! Visit our Try Canvas page and…
in Free-For-Teachers
Click to view contentThree months ago I posted Free for Teacher Feature Options, where I described how feature options, or flags, are used in Canvas to allow institutions when to release certain changes to their own instances of Canvas. Free for Teacher, although used by many many people around the world, is effectively just a "normal" production instance of Canvas.… (Show more)
in Free-For-Teachers
Erin Hallmark
Welcome! We're glad you're here and that you want to try Canvas using a Free-for-Teacher account.   What features are available in FFT accounts? Free-for-Teacher accounts do not contain all options available to paid Canvas environments. View our Canvas Course Comparison PDF.   How do I get started with my FFT account? If you don't already have an…
in Free-For-Teachers
Laurie Dougherty
Does anyone know of a third party integration for registering students on the Free For Teachers?   I know you can send them a link but it only requests their email. I'd like something that has options for more fields.  There is one company but their set up fee is $3000 per course.
Jen McMurray
I am unable to link google drive to a new course I created recently.  It does not appear as an option in the setting-apps as it has before.  It is still linked to older courses I have created earlier in the year.  Has anyone encountered and found a solution to this issue?
in Free-For-Teachers
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