Experimentation Island

Blog Post created by Expert on Nov 6, 2015

Imagine an island totally invisible from the normal world where strange things can happen.  Horses appear and disappear, underground wheels cause you to travel back in time, and visitors looking for the island almost never find it.  This island would make a great network television show... or it would make a fun plan to safely experiment with new features.  If you want to try something in Canvas outside of the norm, FFT is a great place to do it.  If you are a teacher in a school that uses Canvas, you might use your FFT account to play around with new features in a sandbox that won't be seen by your students.  If you are a teacher in a school that keeps Canvas really locked down to just users at your institution but you really want to collaborate with a group of peers from neighboring schools, FFT will allow you to do that outside of your school's normal Canvas environment.  Pretty much anything that you want to try in Canvas, but don't want to or are unable to do within a regular Canvas environment, you can do on the amazing Free-For-Teachers site.