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Blog Post created by Susan Jones on May 25, 2017

I've put Canvas on a back burner since March since we got the okay to develop a basic Math course in our LMS, D2L.   (It was chosen over Canvas because our institution needed multiple-correct-answers options in multiple choice tests and at decision time that wasn't an option.)   We've really only just begun but now that semester's over I'd hoped to get back and work on my "basic facts for older students" little course here.  


I've missed Canvas and the community, and really looked forward to learning cool stuff (like I already did with generating random numbers and choosing from random stuff from Gerol Petruzella  )... code snippets and all that. 


Well, one of the more critical elements in this fluency building exercises was the "leveling up" idea.  As in... if you did well, you leveled up. 

As in, Mastery Paths. 

I had already set them up in one exercise. 


I come back and find out that's not set up any more.   No, somebody decided that "because it is beta" my Free For Teachers account won't let me do that.   

When I asked, I got this from the "L1 Tech Support" : Thank you for contacting Canvas Support, unfortunately Mastery Paths is not available for our Free for Teachers accounts. I apologize for that. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Thank you and have a great day! 


Welp,  part of me wants to take my ball and go home ... but ... L1 Tech Support is not the folks I've been playing on the field with and neither are the twerds who decided to reel in what a humble teacher can do.   

So... even though there are whole parts of the field I'm not allowed to play on, I'm going to scrabble under the fence and see what I can learn and create.   


I just wish I'd known about this *before* I said good things about Canvas at our conference, based on how much I could do in FFT.   I won't let that happen again.