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Blog Post created by G.Petruzella@mcla.edu Champion on Apr 20, 2015

d20-panda.pngWe hear a lot about gamification in edu, but my own experience has been that the general ideas tend to outweigh the specific applications. Especially here in the ID space, I think it would be useful to generate some conversation about the specifics! Hence this blog post, which may evolve into a running conversation/space for those of us interested in hashing out the specific design and application questions around gamifying courses. Questions like:


  • What are some go-to sources for CC-licensed graphics?
  • Which Canvas features are best suited for generating gameplay experience?
  • How well do 3rd-party game apps integrate with Canvas for feedback?
  • Do resources exist for playtesting gamified courses?


I've had 4 years of personal experience with a gamified Intro to Philosophy course, Dungeons & Discourse, which I'll be blogging about periodically here; but I believe the most interesting and useful conversations will come from crowdsourcing! I'm looking forward to participating in the conversation.