• Small Example of Flexibility of Gameification Problem Solving

    Haven't made a post about gameificaiton strategies recently but have a new one I've developed in my fantasy-themed World Lit class this semester. One dilemma I often find in dealing with cannonical/popular texts is st...
    Danny Childers
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  • Is anyone Using Rezzly (formerly 3D GameLabs) in Canvas?

    One of my goals this year is to "gamify" my Canvas courses. Is anyone using Rezzly (formerly 3D GameLabs) within Canvas? If so, can you share with me your experience using it and if you feel the teacher subscription i...
    Tina Steele
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    Since I wish I had access to something like this when I started Gameifying my class, I thought I'd map out what I'm doing in my World Lit class for anyone who is interested in seeing how Gameification can work and the...
    Danny Childers
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  • Minecraft in the Elementary Classroom

    Best Practices for 4th Grade. Any Ideas?
    David Ross
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  • Gamification of Staff Training - Join in!

    We have recently been involved in the Microsoft Educator Community where they award points and badges for completion of courses - hugely impressive and has really engaged the staff (as well as bringing out their ...
    Gideon Williams
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  • Gamifying Courses  Guide -  Year 3 - Tips, Do's & Don't, Getting Started

    Since my previous discussion a year ago was one a lot of people found useful, I thought I'd offer an updated one on what I've learned since now that I've gamified all my classes and have a few more semesters unde...
    Danny Childers
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  • Gamification functionality

    Hi all, I wanted to trial gamification, read up those great resources, thought, "Yes, I can do some real social engineering here, increase engagement, focus them on what's really important, give them some motivationa...
    Michael Thompson
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  • Mozilla Backpack Open Badges Migrating to Badgr

    "... we will be retiring the Mozilla Backpack and helping users migrate to Concentric Sky’s free and open Badgr platform."   Entire article from Mozilla: https://medium.com/read-write-participate/an-u...
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  • How have you gamified your classroom?

    What sort of ways have you found to gamify your classroom? I would love some ideas to pass along to faculty at my college. I'm especially thinking of ways to help students learning another language since so much of it...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Design Case: Implementing Gamification with ARCS to Engage Digital Natives

    "Design Case: Implementing Gamification with ARCS to Engage Digital Natives" by Travis N Thurston, PhD in the Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence     This article highlights the course I discuss...
  • Adding Sounds / Animations - Making Canvas "Crunchy"

    So now that I'm pretty happy with my gamified course shell, I would really love to go the next step and make it feel more like a game.   I don't want to do anything fancey but I'd love to be able to ad...
    Danny Childers
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  • I <3 the 90's! Quiz: Are you a Canvas Guru?

    Let me set the stage for this discussion. I'm a product of the 80's and the 90's were my, and now are referred to as, my "good ole days." I remember reading magazines such as Seventeen, and others that target teens,&#...
  • Stop Badgr from awarding badges for unassigned modules.

    I am using Badgr and  I have an Honors section of a class and a non-honors section. The honors section will have assignments that are not assigned to the non.  Badgr awards the badges to students were not as...
    James Sanzin
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  • Any Game Designers?

    Hi new group ~ I have been lurking in the Canvas Community trying to find a way to get involved.  I want to build a game within Canvas (or at least explore the options).  The idea is to try to utilize C...
    Beth Ritter-Guth
    created by Beth Ritter-Guth
  • "Modify Canvas to use Experience Points" Canvas course

    Update (7/20/2017): Recovery efforts have been successful, and then course is back to working!     Update (2/23/2017): Thanks to those who have participated, I will work towards making this a permanent ope...
    Janell Amely
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  • Ideas on how to bend Canvas into Gamification uses

    I am gamifying a course that is heavily based in discussion, and am looking for ideas on how to tally up XP. In this case, the course is for graduate level students, and requires a lot of reading and reflecting. My ch...
    Janell Amely
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  • Using alternate reality games (ARGs) to drive engagement

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience using an ARG to drive engagement in the course. I know this has been done with games like DUST. A couple of years ago some colleagues and I put together this project with zero bu...
    Adam Figueira
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  • Gamification question

    Primarily I’m looking at ways to make participation more interactive and evaluation more meaningful for an online only asynchronous course– such as including drag and drop activities and multi-arm case stu...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Discussion Analytics

    One of my mentors, an online instruction designer, has recommended that I return to using Moodle for gamification because of the rich discussion analytics, the built-in badges, etc. Are there any Apps for Canvas that ...
    Darin Johnson
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  • Integrating a 3D Virtual World Viewer Into Canvas

    I just published an "open letter" to all OpenSimulator viewer developers in the Hypergrid Business e-magazine -- to request a downloadable viewer in a file form that can be readily integrated into a Canvas course site...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders