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Is there a comprehensive list of Canvas usage in Higher Education for the US and Worldwide? 
Renee Carney
At some point in your experience with Canvas, you, your colleagues, or your students may have seen an announcement in Canvas with an invitation to participate in a survey. If you followed the link you were asked to answer the following question: “How likely is it that you would recommend Canvas to a friend or colleague?” If you’ve answered that… (Show more)
Deborah Oakley
Click to view contentSo my Canvas gradebook is showing this icon in some of the student grades. I've never seen it before and can't find it referenced in any of the guides. It's not shown in How do I use the icons and colors in the Gradebook?   Can someone explain what this is? Thanks!
in Higher Education
Debbie Ellis
Besides Turnitin, what other plagiarism-detection tools do folks use with Canvas? I know that there is Plagscan and Unicheck. If anyone has used either of these, are they good at catching plagiarism?
in Higher Education
John Buell
Hi All,   Seattle University is expanding online course offerings, particularly during the summer. We have a number of international students who return home and report issues with accessing Canvas in the People's Republic of China. Sometimes it seems that they are not able to access Canvas at all, but most reports seem to indicate issues with… (Show more)
in Higher Education
Ken Black
This document is meant to provide an easier way for faculty to see their Roll Call Attendance results with a minimal amount of effort. It's in many ways a supplement to my longer document in the Community, Using the Roll Call Report: A Guide for People Who Do Not Use Excel, where I tried to explain how to use pivot tables in Excel to produce the…
in Higher Education
Del Helms
Every time I post a reply in a discussion area I am being automatically subscribed to that discussion.  I do not wish to be subscribed without choosing to subscribe.  Is there a workaround for this issue? Respectfully, Del
in Higher Education
Tammy Ellison
Just attended a webinar in regard to CanvasCon IUPUI: CourseNetworking - How a Social Media Platform Can Increase Engagement in the Online Classroom when I opened up an EmergingEdTech newsletter.  One of the featured apps was Flipgrid - Video for student engagement and formative assessment.  I was wondering if anyone has used this before in their… (Show more)
in Higher Education
Timothy Lampley
Greetings Fellow Canvasphiles!   I'm eager to reach out to our fine Canvas Community, and start a conversation about creating a policy, and process for LTI implementation at their institution.     Do you have experience in defining these important aspects? Are you interested in the development of one for your institution? Perhaps you are a… (Show more)
in Higher Education
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