Cinco pequeñas cosas (Five Little Things)

Blog Post created by dhulsey@nmjc.edu Expert on Sep 1, 2015

Here are some things I do to get the semester off to a less chaotic start.

  1. I introduce myself to my students: https://www.softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/UCR7wvSXeK13Ix/html.
  2. I strive to have direct communication with every student in the first twenty-four hours of the course through conversations, announcements, an introduction discussion, etc.
  3. My courses provide a combined tour of Canvas and my course: https://www.softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/Jcdnktusb1UyPv/html.
  4. I collect contact information for my students as part of their orientation assignments, and with the Canvas Speedgrader app on my phone, I can contact my students on-the go inside or outside of Canvas.
  5. I drink a lot of coffee and Red Bull.