5 things I do to ensure a healthy start to the school year

Blog Post created by cms_hickss Expert on Sep 18, 2015

1. Prep. Before the end of the previous semester we're already prepping for the next one. [A meeting between our front desk, tech support, IDs, and admins.] There's another meeting the week before and one the week after classes start just to make sure everything is going smoothly.


2. Check. We make sure everything is ready. File runs are flipped to the next semester.


3. Support. Our support office offers extended hours and open labs for faculty who need help.


4. Help support our Special Programs area (non-academic course like virtual orientation and ferpa training).


5. Snackfest. Take a moment to have a break. We setup a room and everyone brings food. It's all day grazing on the first day of classes but it allows everyone a moment to take a breather and walk away from their desk. And, enjoy the yummy snacks.