Paper Pumpkin - Online Course Evaluations

Blog Post created by fernerj@erau.edu Expert on Oct 17, 2015

Not all that long ago you may have been using paper, fill in the circle type forms, for end of course surveys.  If you still do then take a look at some of the survey integration tools available for Canvas. One of the chief benefits is increased response rates.  This is achieved partly due to students receiving an email invitation, but I believe more so due to a left menu item appearing during near the end of the course.  This, along with a pop-up prompt within Canvas upon course entry asking students to complete the survey, help drive responses, which is of course has been a long time challenge.


And the reporting tools are very help as well.  I can review results from a single course, instructor, combine and compare results across terms, and more.  Very powerful stuff.


Example product:  http://www.evaluationkit.com/?features=integrations