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I could not agree more....


"It is unfair (if common) to blame the longstanding LMS providers for the current limitations of their systems, as they were solving what was then the transactional task asked of them by universities: replicate the transaction of the traditional classroom in an LMS. Those transactions were the ones needed by faculty members to conduct their classes, things like taking and returning assignments, posting grades, sending messages, conducting classroom discussion, and sharing course materials. That generation of LMS providers did a great job and built systems around faculty needs and helped drive the enormous growth in online learning. However, we are now seeing a paradigmatic shift away from the faculty member/teaching focus that has long characterized higher education to a new student/learning focus. Whereas the LMS of the past encapsulated the whole of the instructor’s course and what was needed to conduct it, next generation systems holistically capture the student’s learning experience."


Moving From The Transactional LMS To The Transformational LRM 

The Active Teaching LabI just want to send out huge thanks to the entire Canvas Community! You and your contributions to this community have been instrumental in the success of one of UW-Madison's Faculty Development programs, the Active Teaching Lab.


The entire Spring 2017 semester of UW-Madison's Active Teaching Lab has been focused on Instructors' stories of teaching with Canvas tools. Each week we hear the trials, tribulations, and successes of instructors making their way in Canvas as our university transitions from D2L. We've sustained a voluntary attendance of ~17 participants per week with a ~20% return rate. Our faculty are hungry to hear the experiences of our early adopters and to see how they navigated through issues that arose. We wouldn't have been able to do it well without you! Although many complain about the unresponsiveness of the Canvas development path, many more continually find solutions and workarounds in the Community forums.


You can find some data and more information here: Active Teaching Lab | Teaching Academy and see what they're like by accessing all five of the past semesters of Labs — including takeaways, videos, and links to our Activity Sheets — in our eJournal here: Active Teaching Lab eJournal | Open Textbook 


Thanks again!


Myself as well as many other students use Carmen at Veterinary School and find our schedules packed and constantly trying to multitask or are forced to work offline. The lecture captures should be downloadable by students to play back with or without video so that they can be watched offline! Also we enjoy the beta feature of being able to speed up the playback so PLEASE institute this as a permanent addition to the site!



Thank you from students that would love if you made our lives easier!

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