Kelvin Dean

Disabled Students: Testing Accommodations is No Longer a Hassle in New Quizzes

Blog Post created by Kelvin Dean on Nov 20, 2019

One of the big hassles with testing accommodations is having students submit a testing request EVERY TIME for each individual test within any course. This is no longer the case with New Quizzes.


Here is an example from Pasadena City College (PCC), our closest local community college, which also utilizes Canvas as their LMS. 


Pasadena City College


Students will be prompted to submit their current Accommodation Plans and let their instructors know that they will take tests under accommodated conditions and that the local Disabled Student Program department will contact the instructors. They will need to have their syllabi ready.


For New Quizzes, the same rules apply. However:

  • Instead of submitting a test accommodation form for each test, students only need to submit a form only once for each course that they would like to request testing accommodations for. That's because these settings will be applied to all course assessments in New Quizzes for this student, making things more convenient.
  • Students will only need to resubmit if there are changes to accommodations.



Some institutions have various availability times when the request form will be open. Check with your school for more info.


As always, students should submit their requests as early as possible to guarantee a spot, especially during finals.