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I realize this is a bit 'meta' but I wanted to highlight the usefulness of the Canvas guides. Each of the guides has a table of contents that makes it really easy to find the topic you are looking for. Below is a Google Doc on using the Canvas guides:


I recommend bookmarking the  Canvas Instructor Guides  -- you'd be surprised how many questions the folks at Instructure have already answered for us! Each of the guides are clearly written and include screenshots with annotations.


Feel free to share with others or make a copy for yourself to distribute at your institution!

This CanvasTip actually came from one of my faculty and I thought it was definitely worth sharing.


In a user's account Notification preferences, there's an option under Alerts called Content Link Error. I never paid much attention to it but if you hover your mouse over it, it explains this preference will notify an instructor the location and content of a broken link that a student has interacted with inside a course. The default setting for this preferences is Daily, which may be fine but I suggest changing it to Right away ✅instead.


Content link error notification preference

Think about it: if you're teaching a course and a student tries to access something and is presented with an error, how do you think that student will feel? My guess is probably annoyed . If you were notified right away about this and could potentially fix it in a matter of minutes, you could help avoid any further headaches for your students. 


Below is a link to the help guide in Google Doc form:


Get Notified Right Away About a Course 'Content Link Error'



How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as an instructor?

How do I add contact methods to receive Canvas notifications as an instructor?


Please share if this is helpful!

We made some cool Canvas stickers! 


We plan to have a Canvas kick-off event for our students soon. If they show us they have the Canvas Student app installed on their mobile device, we're going to give them one of these cool Canvas stickers as a fun way to help with marketing and get them excited about our new LMS.


If anyone wants the Google Drawings files to create (or modify) for your own stickers, see below:



The vendor we used is Sticker Mule and they were fantastic to work with and they turned out great. These stickers are 2-inches in diameter but they have all kinds of different shapes and sizes to choose from.


Colored Canvas sticker animated GIF

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