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Our various health care career programs have to grade students by observation at their clinical practicum sites. Previously this was accomplished with a clipboard using check-off sheets for each task observed - one sheet per student. Then the instructor would come back to campus, tally the sheets, and enter each student's clinical observation grade. Tedious! They now convert those check-off sheets to a Canvas grading rubric, attach the rubric to a Canvas assignment, then use the SpeedGrader app on an iPad and the rubric to grade their clinical observations. No paper, quicker, and student grades are immediately available to the student.


Now, many of our other technical programs are using this same method to grade any hands-on observational tasks in their programs. Observe a student painting a car, and grade as you observe. Observe a hemodialysis student perform a venipuncture, and grade as you watch. Too cool, folks. I actually did a presentation on this at InstructureCon 2014.

This is a great idea - teachers helping teachers!


My Five, although I am sure there are more............


  1. Create an engaging, warm and informative welcome page (front page) in my classrooms,
  2. Provide content links as buttons on my home page for all useful areas and resources, including a clearly designated "Start Here" button;
  3. Provide a Canvas orientation,
  4. Provide a course orientation,
  5. Provide a downloadable Schedule of Studies,
  6. Limit left-side navigation items to the absolute minimum needed by the student,
  7. Provide an introductory page to all modules that includes:
    1. Overview of module,
    2. Module learning objectives,
    3. How those objectives can be met,
    4. A mini-schedule of studies for the module
  8. Create a standardized consistent module structure that includes consistent object naming,
  9. Provide accessibility information well beyond just the usual reference to the college's access services department,
  10. Provide embedded access to Student Services pages.


I told you there were more than five.


I hope some find this useful, and I am always ready to answer questions.



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