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The example I have is from our nursing department.  Prior to Canvas, students in the practicums had to turn in daily  logs detailing the goings on of the day.  The students would record these logs with a phone, digital camera or even software installed on a laptop or tablet.  This was time consuming for the students and a headache for the instructors as they had to have a number of different video tools to watch these videos.


When we switched to Canvas, the nursing faculty loved the built-in video tool that you could use in assignments.  This made the creation of the daily video logs much more simple and removed the barrier of all the needed video recording software and playback software.

5 things

Posted by Champion Sep 11, 2015

1. Remind our Faculty what they need to do to start the semester.


2.  Review the Production release notes  to ensure I know what changes have occurred and what questions to anticipate.


3.  Prepare all our training materials for the upcoming workshops.


4.  Touch base with our Help Desk.


5.  Make sure the Canvas FAQs are updated on our support site.

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