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There’s a new amazing feature that can make your work with our system easier. Could you ever imagine that only one button can bring you more comfort while creating assignments?  We are excited to tell you about the new functionality update. We have added the Set as default for new assignments button.So, let’s see what it can do. From now on, teachers, clicking on this magic button, can save the default settings that can be used while creating new assignments within one course.




But wait, that’s not all.


The Unplag team values the hard work of educators and their priceless time. So, we do our best to make Unplag even more helpful for our users. That's why we've released another update that many of you were waiting for. It’s a  bulk resubmission feature. It allows instructor to let several students (or entire class) to resubmit their assignments at once. Easy-peasy.  From here on out, a  big teacher’s eye can observe students’ progress by keeping track of all students attempts (several submissions in one assignment).


Pasted image at 2016_10_10 11_03 AM.png


Pasted image at 2016_10_10 11_04 AM.png


How cool is that?

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