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Are you interested in university governance and academic leadership? join our LEAD-Community 


   The LEAD2 project is a Capacity Building in Higher Education project supported by the Erasmus+ programme. The overall objective of the LEAD2 project is to strengthen the capacity of higher education institutions in governance and academic leadership and build an online Knowledge Base and an EU-China Centre on university governance and academic leadership in the context of innovation and internationalisation of higher education. The project involves different European and Chinese universities.


We create a space on where teachers, academic leaders, managers, administrators can exchange knowledge and ideas about university governance and academic leadership in higher education. We also update news, events of the LEAD2 project.

Join us to find out more!!!


We also offer a LEAD MOOCs on University governance and Academic leadership in Canvas. Enroll for FREE!! 


Visit our website  


LEAD2 project team



My name is Alan Kinsey, and I am the Instructional Design Specialist at Holmes Community College. We are doing research into how other community colleges and eLearning departments function and exist in their contexts. We have created a short survey to gather this information. This survey is geared to gather information regarding fully online courses, e.g. distance learning, eLearning, online learning, etc.


If you have a few moments, please fill out this survey to help us in our research efforts:


Any information gathered in this survey will be used for research purposes only. Your responses will be kept confidential and will not be shared.


If you have any questions about this survey, please let me know. Have a great day, and thank you for your time!

     Registration is now open for the Mainstreaming Virtual World Learning Colloquium @  The Colloquium is a free event -- on December 1, 2018 (9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Central Time) -- in the AvaCon Grid Quaternary Stadium (as well as a community event affiliated with the upcoming Open Simulator Community Conference). Still, seating is limited – so reserve your space now!  Featured speakers at the Mainstreaming Virtual World Learning Colloquium include:

  • Joyce Bettencourt (Nonprofit Commons);
  • Cynthia Calongne (Colorado Technical University);
  • Valerie Hill (Community Virtual Library Database);
  • Crista Lopez (University of California-Irvine);
  • Kay McLennan (Tulane University);
  • Eileen O’Connor (SUNY Empire State College);
  • Andrew Stricker (Air University);
  • Barbara Truman (University of Central Florida); and
  • Rachel Umoren (University of Washington).

     Learning simulations created in an Open Simulator virtual world are an excellent choice for educators as well as have immediate (and to be developed) uses within a Canvas course site.  Virtual world simulations are highly immersive, inexpensive (in comparison to commercially available platforms), infinitely customizable, easily duplicated/saved for new uses/re-uses, and FERPA-compliant (when a grid is closed to external visitors).  Also, while a single sign-in to an Open Simulator virtual world through a Canvas course site is not yet available, there are numerous ways to embed virtual world simulation content directly into a Canvas course site.  For example, instructors can use virtual world learning simulations to:

  • Create screen capture video clips of case study dramatizations created within a virtual simulation;
  • Create stationary image or 360 video scenes with embedded hotspots;
  • Capture unique [screen capture] images to illustrate course content; and
  • [When students are given the option to participate in virtual discussions and/or tours of course-related learning simulations...] Transmit information about the optional virtual world discussions/tours through discussion forum communications and/or content pages. 

     On the topic of the future integration of the virtual world viewer into Canvas, Tulane University successfully used virtual machine software to virtualize the viewer needed to access an Open Simulator virtual world (and accordingly, eliminated the "insufficient computing power" barrier that previously limited student participation in virtual world discussions/tours).  Still, educator/Canvas community help is needed to realize the option of the complete integration of an Open Simulator virtual world viewer into a Canvas course site page. 

     Again, registration is now open for the Mainstreaming Virtual World Learning Colloquium @  The Colloquium is a free event -- on December 1, 2018 (9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Central Time) -- in the AvaCon Grid Quaternary Stadium (as well as a community event affiliated with the upcoming Open Simulator Community Conference). Still, seating is limited – so reserve your space now!

This is somewhat of a note to myself.  Up until recently, YouTube would allow sharing videos without related videos using an option on the Share:Embed popup.  I was updating some pages last night and noticed they no longer offer this option.  It is still possible to keep related videos from showing - you just need to add ?rel=0 in the link.


For example, a src for the embed code has a value like this "


Here is where the ?rel=0 (that is a zero, btw) should be entered:



Hope this helps someone else.  I can't be the only one who doesn't want my students to know that I'm looking for a "cute haircut for fat ladies."

The short answer is no, Cengage Unlimited doesn’t change Canvas courses you’ve already built. However, you may be asked by instructors who have student’s with subscriptions to add a new link to Cengage Unlimited to their course.


To do that check out this quick how-to video that walks you through it.


If you haven’t heard about it, Cengage Unlimited is a subscription service that students can purchase to gain access all Cengage ebooks, digital learning platforms, and more. 


For more information, join the discussion in the Cengage community or feel free to message me with questions. 

Want students’ handwritten work, like diagrams, calculations, and drawing to appear directly in Canvas like it does with typed work? Check out our demo and learn about our exclusive early adopters program during our webinar on June 12th and noon Eastern Daylight time. Sign up here:


- Miranda

So I just headed over to the "Answers" area. This came after spending several minutes on the home page typing a plethora of variations into the search engine, with no results to answer my predicament.


I began asking my question to you luminaries, far and wide (no, that's not a fat joke). I began providing screenshots, workflow issues, and carefully formulating my query as to why Canvas didn't know what I wanted it to do.


I am sincerely glad I went to such lengths, because as I tried to ever-so-thoroughly build my case, I solved my own problem  

When I first began the task of Faculty Training, I was still at my alma mater - standing before those who had taught me, along with many who didn't know me, only that I had a BA that wouldn't hold a candle to their multiple PhD's. That was daunting and it was difficult to muster up the confidence in myself. Then I started asking for feedback and would spend a great deal of time in other trainings (even if I didn't need them and wasn't required to attend) and I started to adopt techniques that boosted my presentation skills. Now, that can all boil down to Public Speaking techniques, and indeed that was necessary, but there are sill many other smaller efforts that can go a long way to make your presentations enjoyable (even if they're not mandated to attend  )


Now, I typically write two things on the white board before I begin speaking;

* Field Trips

* Show & Tell

Those are the days I remember as a kid in school.


I'm old school, as I've said many time. Truthfully, about the only thing I remember are those teachers who really wanted to be teachers - and to my adolescent experience I sensed that they cared about me, my future, and my success. Those are the ones who stood out and meant the most to me, regardless of what they taught.


And now I think, what have I learned from those teachers that can help me pass along this enthusiasm to instructors, who will then (hopefully) pass it along to their students?


I have to believe in my product. I have to believe in its ability to help instructors help their students succeed. If that mentality is passed down, and if students believe that their instructors really are looking at ways of helping them and challenging them...oh imagine the SLO's...

I am asking for candid discussion here, based on cost of courses. Besides the old "how much should we charge for online courses?" debate, have any of you dealt with your institution offering for-credit, and not-for credit courses? How was the pricing structure based? Do you even charge for non credit courses even if you are offering proprietary content? Yes, Harvard, I know you offer many stellar courses (non-credit) for free

In today’s world, the dynamics of a classroom have changed since we were once pupils. As educators, we have to deal not only with classroom management, developing curriculum, and school functions, but we are competing with cell phones, iPods, and Nintendo’s. Twenty years ago, faculty only had to deal with students turning in late papers, and the occasional “my dog ate my homework.” Today, we have to be worried about guns, drugs, and students who tune out.

To be good at something you must have three things: heart, determination, and experience. I have spent the past fifteen years working, gaining experience in traditional and non-traditional teaching methods. I have spent three years working in Washington DC learning from leading, cutting-edge experts in the field of teaching, classroom management, and student interaction. I have sharpened not only my teaching skills but also my knowledge in my field of expertise. I have more knowledge, training, and “real life” experience than most tenured faculty who have been teaching history, international relations, and government from a book.

As an instructor, I have one simple code in which I teach from: If we are not having fun, we are not learning. School should be something that students want to come to, classes they enjoy, and teachers who care about their well-being.  If you walk into my classroom, you will hear people talking. It is not because they are not listening to the lecture; it is because they are participating in the discussion in either small groups or one-on-one. History, international relations, and government are more than just people, places, and dates. It is about ideas, events, and discoveries that build nations. It is about understanding our past and present so that they can be prepared for their future.

The single most important goal in my life has been to serve my country. From my earliest childhood memories, I learned the value of “Duty, Honor, Country” from my family. My father was a career soldier, and my mother was a political consultant. They taught me the importance of service and giving back to a grateful nation. Through them, I have taught students with disabilities, worked on political campaigns, volunteered my time to help restore decommissioned military aircraft, coached high school football, work in Washington DC, and most important of them all… give back to ones in need.


What does it mean for you to teach?

It has taken some time to encourage students and faculty to use mobile apps when accessing our Canvas instance, but we have made a lot of progress. This push came after we encouraged users to use the Calendar feature in their mobile devices. Our curriculum revolves around class calendars, and they needed a convenient way to access all the events in their classes. This has been a tremendous success, they can even access assignments and download attachments posted in the calendar through their phones and tablets.


Now it might be time to push for the use of mobile devices for other components inside Canvas. We recently acquired the Canvas video solution Arc, and students may be consuming these videos in mobile devices and not so much on PCs.


Regarding notifications, we have seen students turning them off more and more, they find this feature a little annoying, I find it useful though.


I want to know more about the Canvas mobile options and features, I will be doing more research on this and hopefully I will be able to share with all of you.


Thank you.

Abstract: The hardest part about contract cheating is quantifying the problem. We can't do much about the former, but we're trying to change the latter. That is, we are trying to quantify contract cheating in hopes of learning more about assessment design, motivations of cheating, and the black market of 'contract cheating'.


Methodology: A web crawler (with the pet name of "Contraband") was let loose on the Internet to sniff out content related to cheating posts. The contracts were then aggregated all together. You can read what the crawler found at the end of this post.


Findings: 18% contractors were approached directly. Out of the posts in which the contractor was not approached directly, 6 (4.5%) contracts were for admission essays, 9 posts (7%) were for work related to masters/PhD theses, and 7 posts (5.34%) were in languages other than English. Almost all of the contracts looked like they required undergrad (or above) proficiency. Finally, the average contract was worth $157. 


It is to be noted, that the crawler (optimistically) scanned  ~1% of the entire "market" and the data collected covered just 3 weeks worth of activity. It might be unfair to simply extrapolate these numbers to arrive at the 'market size', but let's just do it for simplicity's sake.


If 1% of the market is worth $25,353, it implies roughly $2.5 million worth of contracts traded per month. This might sound like a lot, but an average contract value of $157 per contract would mena that roughly 16,148 students cheat online every month.


Future direction: Firstly, I want to expand the corpus we are crawling. Secondly, adding in more data-points such as: collecting the number of bidders (therefore quantifying the size and activity of the market), analyzing peak/trough times, and estimating the writing proficiency of the cheater (low writing proficiency might suggest weak writing skills as a prominent motivator) seems interesting.  Also, the labeling process definitely needs to be improved (since there were some false positives).


How you can participate: Just chime in with your thoughts, is data like this helpful? Should we stop doing this? Is this initiative kinda creepy? What other information can we collect? Anything goes. 


Pour some motiva-tion on me: Summarizing reports like such take a lot of effort, so if you want to motivate me to keep publishing stuff like this please subscribe to the contraband page here.  


The data-set: What follows now is the actual data collected. (Hint: use cmd + down/up arrow for Mac or ctrl + end/home for Windows to directly scroll to the comments section/top of the post.)  



Contraband's contract cheating report.

Coursework details

Osteo for perth university

As per the previous projects, please supply an updated document with all comments and changes made as requested


Project for Daniel M.

Hi Daniel M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.


personal paper

personal paper about 8 page i really need help

$24 - $197

Project for Glenda Bill

Hi Glenda Bill, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.


Engineering and Construction: Review on the powertrain of the 2018 model year -- 2

Deadline 3 days. I need 4 pages (1200 words). I need 2 different review papers on the same topic means 4 pages review paper each. I will pay 25Usd for each one. 50 USD forboth. Make sure there is 0% plagiarism and both paper look diferrent. Instructions: Please read the articles for Best 2018 Vehicles So Far ([url removed, login to view]), and write a review paper on the powertrain of the 2018 model year (at least 1,200 words). After you click the link above, you can see different categories on the right side (Small cars, SUVs, Vans, etc.), click to find a list of vehicles in each category. You need to cover at least 5 vehicles from 5 different categories. After you click on a vehicle, you can read the review on the vehicle. And, "Engine" is under the section called "Performance".


Looking for a full-time Filipino MATH writer who wants a stable income.

Dear I am looking for a talented MATHS writer for a long term project (at least a year). Ideally someone who has a maths teaching or tutoring experience. You MUST BE from Filipino. I'll consider only application of people who answer to the following questions. Best regards Are you Filipino? How many hours a week are you available? Do you have an experience of Maths teaching or tutoring? Have you ever written an eBook? if so, how many pages was it? and how long did you take you to write this eBook? What kind of books do you love to read? Please name the three last books did you read?

$6 / hr

Need urgent academic writers

Need urgent two academic writers with proficiency in grammar and who has good knowledge in writing academic write-ups in APA, Harvard, MLA and Chicago writing style. No plagiarism will be allowed. This is going to be a long-term relationship and if plagiarism is found, the project will be stopped then and there. People who are not good with deadlines, please do not bid. N.B. Please bid if you know academic writing otherwise don't. Submit your previous samples along with your bid and per 500 words rates.


Rdiger des articles

Je rdige des articles selon ce que vous souhaitez avoir comme contenu sur votre site, blog ou magasine, et en fonction du style d'criture qui vous plat le plus. I will help you write or rewrite your articles, based on the kind of content you want to see on your website, on your blog or on your magazine ! I will also use the writing style you fancy the most !


Translate Something

I need a freelancer to help me with translation and editing from English to [url removed, login to view] topic of the content would be described as Scientific/Academic - so a freelancer with knowledge in this area would be preferable. Please perform the translation in a manner that accurately conveys the meaning of the source text and I need this delivered within no more than 6 hrs from now, please. I have about 1500 words to work on. The source format is from Microsoft Word.


Project for Joyce W.

Hi Joyce W., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.


Build an Online Store

I will need a native speaker in the US, who personally went to the top-ranked university or have experience for graduate school application, to review my PS I almost have the statement done, so if someone is free tonight will be great.


Personal Statement Review for grad school

I will need a native speaker in the US, who personally went to the top-ranked university or have experience for graduate school application, to review my PS I almost have the statement done, so if someone is free tonight will be great.


Environmental Remediation

I have a project that is hypothetical that involves land waste remediation. The project is as follows: Write a research paper around 15 pages that is an analysis multiple processes that can be used for the remediation of a contaminated waste site with the following characteristics: Site area 4 acres Depth to contamination in soil surface to the capillary fringe at 6 feet. Depth to groundwater and aquifer thickness 7 feet and a thickness of 25 feet unconfined Geology Braided stream deposits, fine to medium grained sand and silt. Contaminants tritium and carbon tetrachloride The analysis is to include two options representing emerging technology and two representing conventional technology for the remediation of contaminants. The analysis of the technologies investigated is to follow the 9 Superfund Criteria which is found here: [url removed, login to view]


need turnitin services

Need turnitin services Monthly basis preferred.


Need experienced academic writers from India01

I am looking for experienced academic writers from India. Ability to write academic papers without grammatical errors, knowledge of different formatting styles like APA, MLA, Harvard, ability to write according to the specific requirement of the clients in different fields like management ,business, health , psychology, history etc and the skillfulness to deliver quality paper within the specified time frame are the job requirements.


3D IC chip research

it is about 3D IC chip: Past, present, and future.


Gender doping- Issues in Sports and exercise science

Do female with high levels of testosterone should compete in the category of women in elite sports events? (Eg Olympic games) Include: IFFA laws Eg. Caster Semenya and other athletes


Project for Neneth S.

Hi Neneth S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.


Necisito traductores y redactores de contenido - open to bidding

necesito traductores de redactadores, escritores para mis blogs. I need content writes sand translaters for my blogs.


Native Writer Needed for English Literature Work

Hi i need a proficient Writer who is proficient in English Literature Word count : 2000


Professional Resume and Personal Statement writer for Graduate School

I graduated from with Masters in Computer Technology in 2014. Working as a Software Consultant in TX. I want to pursue Masters in Business Analytics field, so Im applying for Top B schools and would like to get professional help with my Resume and Personal Statement.


Academic Writing: US History 5 Tasks (17-31 Total Pages)

I'm in need of an native english speaker (preferably someone in the US) to complete 5 total tasks in APA style format. Each task should following the assignment guidelines and the rubric. I would need re-work as needed included in the initial project. I don't expect there to be any but after the tasks are scored, I will need all re-work requests to be completed. The completed work will need to have sources cited and 100% original composition as these will go through automated checks. Timeline: 4 Weeks Task 1: 3-6 Pages + Table Completion Task 2: 4-6 Pages Task 3: 4-8 Pages Task 4: 4-8 Pages Task 5: 2-3 Pages Please let me know if you are unclear prior to placing a bid. I will send the detailed tasks upon request. Thanks!


Project for Mila D.

Hi Mila D., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.


Need a civil engineering report

I need a report of civil engineering. No time waster.


Project for sunnyfaisal2018

Hi sunnyfaisal2018, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

$3 / hr

Analisis de texto en Metodologias de Tesis

Buscamos una persona con experiencia en revision de textos academicos para realizar el denotado de un corpus de metodologias provenientes de diferentes tesis en el cual queremos obtener el apartado de validacion en caso de que exista.


I need an academic proof reader / editor -- 3 - 11/01/2018 21:33 EST

I have written a thesis on teaching French as Foreign Language. I have edited it, as much as I could, to comply with my university guidelines. I want an experienced academic (thesis) proofreader / editor to go through it, edit, correct typing or/and grammar error(s), and polish it to the highest academic standard. The text, including the graphs, is of about 68 pages.

$18 / hr

Proposal writer and creater of Web & mobile app development fields for job posting

I need writer and creater for my business. and this is long term contract, I will pay you prices per proposal Working way: I will show you job posting and explain to you technical stuff and you will write awesome proposals For more detail, Please discuss via interview PS: you must be fluent in english Thanks Regards

$21 / hr

CV Pharaphrase

I need you to pharaphrase a document to put in my CV. For more details please contact me


Pharaphrase CV doc

I have a document that i need to paraphrase to put in my CV. very short document for further details please contact me


write an managerial essay about ibm-kodak

3000 words 1500 about IBM AND 1500 about kodak ( how they work ; inner envoirnment about details contact us)


Write a whitepaper for an ICO(initial coin offering)

Write a white paper for a new ICO/cryto-currency. The paper will describe how a new crypto-coin called SolEx will be be tied to an online solar project exchange. The crypto-coin will put the solar project exchange on the block chain which will make it so that the transactions/bids/entries etc can not be hacked. My background is Chair of the Solar Business Festival. I be using those connections to promote this coin during the pre-ICO Feel free to ask me questions


content writing, academic writing, logo design, interior design, exterior design

Academia Buddy is a freelance company that deals in various kinds of services. Our main aim is to deliver a high quality of products and satisfy clients effectively. It has been recognised as one of the prominent full service in content writer, interior & exterior designing, Graphic designing, Academic writing, Web Design & Development. We have a client at both regional and international level. Our Company has been amidst the action of empowering and facilitating various sectors with top of line serving for more than 1 Year.


Academic Research about Innovative cluster in Israel

We are looking for a dedicated researcher with a background in the technology sector of Israel (native Hebrew speaker) available 80-120 hours in the next few month. The objective is to evaluate Israeli economic success and find its most important empirical components/attributes, which helped to create such a fruitful environment and contributed much to the formation of start-up ecosystem.

$48 / hr

Academic Essay

Need an academic essay of 2000 words written for uni project. Further details would be provided in private message.


CV Work and Summarise

I need you to write up a short paper on a subject that has to do with my CV. For furthermore details please contact me


Letter for University Acceptance

it is better to talk in private about this project, because it is interactive issue


Publishing In journal arabic thesis

I have master thesis, I would like to publish it as paper ( task it to reformulate it to be ready for publishing then assisting in publishing


Data Analysis

Questionaire analysis using descriptive analysis and a conclusion


Tamil Academic writing - open to bidding

Hello, I Need to create quiz type questions from Tamil elementary syllabus.I will give you some sample. If you are interested. Please let me know. Thanks,

$4 / hr

review a researche and rewrite any plagiarismed sentence

I need you to review a researche and write some parts ,check and fix any plagiarism (rewrite) then provide TURNITIN report.


Plagiatsprfung Lektorat

Ich suche eine kompetente und erfahrene Person, die meine Bachelorarbeit einer Plagiatsprfung unterziehen kann, Korrekturlesen kann und die Quellen an die richtige Stelle schreibt


Design Aptitude questions for almost all Indian competitive exams like GMAT,CAT,SSC,BANK,IBPS and others

I am looking for someone who can provide me fifteen thousand topic wise Aptitude questions which include quant, data interpretation, verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions that should prepare students for SSC, Bank, IBPS, GRE, GMAT, CAT and other types of Indian competitive [url removed, login to view] freelancer must be an expert in creating such questions .Show me samples of your previous work and give me a fair [url removed, login to view] not bid without a proposal .



I need to summarise my own report so that i can then add it to my CV. Very short 2-3 pages max summarisation. For more details please contact me


PTE Sample test

Create a sample test that is based on the Pearson Test of English Academic. All material created must be original. More work may be availabe if wor is satisfactory.


civil project content writing

I need you to write some content for a website.


Markering plan

Marketing plan


political writing

I need you to write a research article.I need you to write a report for something. 2500 words


an assignment

writing 8 pages, you'll see the file


Aptitude questions for all Indian examinations

Looking for questions related to prepare students for all common government and non-government competitive examinations both verbal and non-verbal. The questions need to match the ages from grade 6 to bachelor degree and current affairs is an addon. Interested experienced eminent people in this domain ONLY should contact.


lil project

all the details will be in the files, its 8 pages written task, will send more details in the chat message


Blog content writing for a climbing website

We'd like to create more valuable content to our costumers using our website. Its important that you have a relation to the climbing environment. Can be you are sports climbing indoor or outdoors or are doing bouldering in you spare time. A few examples of some material could be the following: - Guides on how to train for climbing - how to set a route for 1st time climbers - Injury prevention - Maintenance guides for climbing gear - .... And many more. Along the way we will organise the content topics that makes the most sense. My Idea is to have some one that can work on a regular basis to make the right content flow consistently. A fixed price per content piece can be agreed.


Project for Sam R.

Hi Sam R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I need a few articles written


Research and Technical writer

Hello, everyone please help me out to write something on my research project where some techncology knowledge is required. I am looking for freelancer who can deliver me quality work on my thesis research work.


escribir unos articulos - open to bidding - Repost - open to bidding

Hola Max, Estoy buscando un "Provider of high quality content" por mi nuevo blog en espanol... sera un periodico digital hablando de politica, sociedad, sports, Viral .... en Espaa y precisamente en Catalua... La verdad es que busco un socio a largo tiempo y no un solo rewriting de un articulo o dos.. si te conviene, empezamos por un pequeno ejercicio.. quiero que re escrives este articulo: - [url removed, login to view] Quiero que el nuevo articulo sea en unos 500 palabras divididos en cuatro/cinco subtitulos y una introduccion Espero encontrar un socio lo mas antes posible un saludo.


Fintech Reserch and buimess plan assignemnt eassy

I need you to write a research article about robo advisory and buiness plan


Report Project 2

It must be a written report related E-Business.


IEEE Senior Member or Fellow

Hi, We are looking for an IEEE Senior Member or Fellow to help review a membership pack for a Partner at a large management consulting firm. Please send through any details you may have e.g. CV. Thanks Mark


Wikipedia Artist Page

To make me a Wikipedia Artist page


Report Project

It is a written report related E-Business.


Group Counselling

benefits and challenges of group counselling VS one-on-one counselling .


Proofred my article

There are several English articles writings that I combined in one article and translated in German, but my employer didn't liked it and he insists that article is written like the native german writer wrote it. I'm student and my budget is not so high, therefore I can't offer bigger price then this and it is a big article. It is over 6000 words, but I do not need someone who is going to read everything and edit it. I need native german who will point me to mistakes and explain to me, so I can edit them and improve my german and do further project without any problem. Only native German freelancers are required.


papers required from universities

i want this essays for someone will enter bachelor degree cover letter curriculum vitae motivation letter (at leastet 2000 words) Statement of Purpose (at leastet 2500 words) 3 of recommendation letters study plan personal statement with no plagrasm


Research Writing: Need a research on strategic marketing done in 4 days.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT BID UNTIL YOU HAVE READ ALL BELOW INSTRUCTIONS AND ATTACHED INSTRUCTION SHEET. "[url removed, login to view]". IF YOU ARE BUSY DO NOT BID IF YOU CANNOT DEDICATE 2 TO 3 DAYS TO THIS JOB DO NOT BID IF YOU HAVE OTHER TASKS/PROJECTS DO NOT BID IF YOU OR INTEND TO OUTSOURCE THIS TO SOME OTHER WRITER, DO NOT BID. YOU WILL NOT GET PAID IF YOU DONT DEDICATE TIME AND READ/WRITE ACCURATE DETAILED PAPER. GENERIC AND PARAPHRASED WRITING WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT ALL. AND YOU WILL NOT GET PAID IF YOU JUST PROVIDE UNRELATED PARAPHRASED WRITINGS. Only Tracked Hours with screen shots on [url removed, login to view] desktop app will be paid. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I Need a professional writer/researcher to help perform academic research on strategic marketing. Includes reading journal papers and writing a 2500-word report. FREELANCER MUST PROVIDE DAILY UPDATE OF PROGRESS. DO NOT BID IF YOU ARE BUSY OR HAVE LOTS OF WORK. must be familiar with: 1) Harvard style referencing and citation. 2) Must use academic journal papers as sources. no junk sources can be used. 3) must use at least 8 sources Journal papers as source 4) Experience in academic writing 5) knowledge in MARKETING STRATEGY THEORIES 6) experience in turnitin 7) should present sample research papers done before on strategic marketing. 8) should read attached material on strategic marketing to produce a relevant paper 9) follow formatting and style of attached sample paper "sample [url removed, login to view]" detailed instructions attached here in the file "instructions". DEADLINE IN IN 4 DAYS after award. late papers will not be accepted. paper is useless to me if submitted late. Write the phrase I READ IT ALL at beginning of your proposal so that I know you have read all instructions. If you dont, your bid is ignored. NO COPY/PASTE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED WORK MUST SCORE LESS THAN 20% on TURNITIN SHOW ME SAMPLES OF YOUR RELATED WORK IF YOU WANT THIS JOB Best of luck to all

$9 / hr

Project for Pen Man

Hi Pen Man, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.


Project for Bobbie C.

Hi Bobbie C., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

$3 / hr

Project for Mila D.

Hi Mila D., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.


Advertise my psychic website

I need my websitw heavily advertised to bring in customers. You will do publishing on your own and be compensated. Must make it so im found in search engines. The site is [url removed, login to view]


Project for Glenda Bill

Hi Glenda Bill, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.


Technical Writer For Long Project

I am looking for a technical writer for long term projects. New freelancers are also welcome. I will deeply check your bid proposal so write accordingly. Tell me about your expertise and qualification.

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Bonjour, je cherche un manuel ou des materiaux d'un cour de franais juridique. Ol, procuro um manual ou material de umcurso de francs jurdico.


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Use case diagram, claass diagram, prototyping

Assingment for Msc in Information System.


Enterprise Modelling

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Write highly academic article (practitioner article), 1-2 days

Mobile ticketing systems and value creation/proposition in the public transportation industry (some files attached please try to reference from these as much as you can, (write on the deliverables, with the deliverables 1&2 related and 3 on its own. and also a conclusion, with citation and references (Harvard style)) Deliverables 1. trends and innovations in mobile ticketing systems in the transportation industry 2. Compare the innovations and the trends and also highlight their individual customer value propositions for the innovations and trends you spoke about. please you have to talk about the systems used by Suresh Sankarananrayanan &hamilton, deka chandra and ravi prakash, and other theories and innovations in my references 3. talk on the consequences/benefits of stakeholder( Public transport operators (pto's) and riders (customers). implementing one of the above value propositions and which would lead to more adoption rates by PTO's (i have articles attached about technology adoption, Achieve this well and in time and i have another available .


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The policy memo must identify and briefly explain the factors that shape/shaped a specific state's foreign policy decision-making during a "critical juncture" in that state's international relations. I will send more information in a personal message. The work due date is 1st of January.


Forum task - 28/12/2017 05:47 EST

filling out the template with the requirement info


Calculation of Value at Risk

Please find the attached find and bid only if you can solve the problem. I would like to have the complete problem solved first.. [url removed, login to view]


Meta-analysis in Pharmacology

We have a scientific article about Meta-analysis, we would like an expert to summarize the article showing the advantages, disadvantages, how the study was performed, and inclusion and exclusion criteria.


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Academic poster - 13/12/2017 07:20 EST

Produce a poster which accurately and concisely summarise a journal article of your choice (Jary, D. and Thomas, L. (1999) 'Widening participation and lifelong learning: rhetoric or reality? The role of research and the reflexive practioner'. Widening participation and Lifelong Learning, 1(1), pp.1-10).


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Research Writing

Implementing a Global Business Technology Plan


Debrief on Capsim

Debrief on Capsim simulation decisions


IT project

I need someone who is a good writer and have a good background of IT


paraphrasing and updating of a literature review document about project finance

- paraphrase literature review on project finance spread analysis - update the literature review since the document is old (year 2012) and also add literarture review on general project finance


Project report

I need project report for my academic. Please find the guidelines and topics.





distributed database design and report writing

You will be writing reports and designing Distributed Database Systems and Data Warehouse Systems. Please check the attach file before bidding


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We have some work on Smart Pls


Report about TCP IP Methods

There are some algorithms that measure pocket traffic in TCP/IP programming. You are going to find 5 scientific magazine article which is related the methods that you used in the codes ( Drop-Tail and Random Early Detection methods which in Active Queue Management class) . And you are going to find 5 sources (that can be thesis/article/book) . You are going to summarize this 5 scientific magazine article and the sources that you read. You are going to create a report that include subject expression and graphical result of the programs. Also you need to draw flow diagrams that you used in your program. The report should be at least 10 pages without cover, contents and references. You are not allowed to use websites as reference.


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I am a professor in University of Mumbai. I would like to use my knowledge and spread it throughout my 1000+ students by writing a book in my subject. I specialize in Botany - Plant Taxonomy and need help in publishing my book by June 2018


Creating Content - designer

Voluntario para colaborar en el proyecto Creating Content: creador de insumos digitales y produccin de texto sociales. Proyecto de experimentacin.


Good opportunity for Civil Engineers

you are required to create some reports those are relied on some data


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Research methodology and design

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Report Writing

To wire a report for my LPG Gas detection [url removed, login to view] the LPG level is greater than certain level, the system will detect the LPG gas leakage. The system will auto turn off the valve, to control the gas flow using solenoid and Turn on the Exhaust fan to reduce the LPG concentration in air. In addition to that, the system uses a GSM module to notify the user through SMS. The client receives message once the system detects the gas leakage and after it normalised. The report would be between 20000-25000 words and report needed on 18th December.


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Pre medical questionnaire preparation

Hello I need somebody who can prepare Pre-Medical questionnaire on mention category "Logical test" "Aptitude Test" and "Non-verbal Reasoning"


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Carbon nanomaterials -- 2

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History- Ancient History

*Who can do a great work for $1.5* Hindu Way of Life" Please respond to the following: Explain the key ways in which the teachings of the Vedas influence the daily lives of Hindus. Reply Quote be min 150 words


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Hi Glenda Bill, I am hoping you could do 2 more projects similar to the one you've done for me before. Let me know if you're up for it, and I'll send you the details for each.


Project for Glenda Bill -- 2

Hi Glenda Bill, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.


PhD writer in science education

Hi, i am looking for a phd writer in science education


The Effectiveness and Acceptance of Telemetry in Intensive Care Unit

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We are looking for someone experience in research proposal design. Research proposal redesign- Redesign research proposal and presentation as per requirement ($ 30-50). We prefer candidates who have prior experience in grant writing.


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Academic poster

Produce a poster which accurately and concisely summarise a journal article of your choice (Jary, D. and Thomas, L. (1999) 'Widening participation and lifelong learning: rhetoric or reality? The role of research and the reflexive practioner'. Widening participation and Lifelong Learning, 1(1), pp.1-10).


Operations question help.

Please help me answers questions there are 15 Multiple choice. you need tell me how to Solve the question.


Need a US Person for Virtual Assistant

Hello , i need a US person to assist me in different tasks ... More details will be shared with suitable candidate ***People of Other Countries aren't encouraged to BID***


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Write text mail for sell products


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Business Intelligence - Data Mining, forecasting

Need someone able to to be ablevto complete questions about partitioning clustering, MLP, and k-NN


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Investigative Reporter

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Global Public Health

HELP LEARNING ABOUT Dengue in Thailand


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Game Theory for Stock Market Selling Price Optimization 5 pages Due in 5 hours


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Report 1 topic: Assertivity, aggresivity and submisivity in communication Report 2 topic: Sexology Report 3 topic: What or how it feels like to be blind +++They all should be 2 pages, font size 12 and gaps not more than 1.5


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Hello, I need someone proficient in the Information Technology Field. Specifically to write about System Development and Security, Ethical, and social issues in IT. Please only bid if you are knowledgeable and experience in this field. Thank you


Project 5a for perthuniversity

As prevously discussed this is for EDU paper to complete the results section and develop the discussion along with an abstract


Write the "Findings" section of a survey evaluation report for a non profit

I have collected some data from a few projects and did a basic frequency count of the answers. Based on this information I need the finding section to be written up. synthesizing the information to answer a few key evaluation questions in a professional and academic tone. More details will be provided for hire. The project may expand if the first task is completed well.


Lean Operations

Evaluate the implications for operations management in organizations that operate internationally. For this assignment, you will select and assess the same type of product from two different firms, such as an SUV vehicle from Toyota, and BMW. (NOTE: You cannot use the automotive industry, so pick another industry that operates internationally.) In a 5-6-page paper, defend the organizations production processes, customer interaction in those processes, if applicable, and the technologies used in production. Judge each organizations commitment to quality and excellence, as well as the process used for measuring quality. Describe each of the selected organizations inventory methodologies and model(s), and any areas for improvement. Describe each of the selected organizations movements toward lean processes or Six Sigma, and how these impact the culture, efficiency, and success of each organization. Finally, compare and contrast each companys production processes, customer interactions in those processes, and technologies used in production. Be sure to use at least two current, scholarly references beyond any required course readings. Current sources are those published within the most recent five-year period, and scholarly sources are those from peer-reviewed journals. Make certain for each listed reference that you have at least one supporting citation in the body of your content. Your reference page is always the last page of the submission where all individual references get listed. The Saudi Digital Library is a good resource to search for these references. Submit your presentation into the Assignment Dropbox.


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I would like a short article about 200 words on the cantillon effect 17th century credit system.


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Write a Booklet On U.S. Secure Homes Topic

Hello, Looking for a freelance writer who can research and write a booklet about Secure Homes from an architects / designers perspective. The title should be in the form of a question and the style of writing as answering that question along with at least 9 other questions in regards to secure home design and construction. You would need to do a little research for the project. I am looking for something between 2,500 - 3,000 words. Deadline would be 2-3 days upon project acceptance. I also have some other projects that I need to get done as soon as possible so this could mean more work if you are interested and do these type of projects. Links with information on and about Secure Homes and bunkers: [url removed, login to view] - report [url removed, login to view] - info. [url removed, login to view] - info. [url removed, login to view] - shelter manufacturer Notes: My Niche for this booklet: Architecture, residential, Secure Homes, $500k-$2 mil., Modern Design I am a Professional Building Designer. I just always use home design, residential design or just design. Note: Bid on this project if you have already written any Booklet or if you are familiar with booklet writing, otherwise your bid will be hidden. Happy bidding Thanks


i am in need of any pHD in IR..??

HELLO.. i am in need of any expert who is phd in IR international relations??


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Reading responses to the Which do you prefer: online vs on-campus? poll has been very informative and reminded me of a study I was involved in a few years ago.  I thought that there may be those in the Community interested in what we were examining in relation to student choice and experience in online classes.  At the time a few colleagues and I presented this at a regional conference and intended to publish after gathering more data to strengthen statistical tests, but other priorities arose so the results were not distributed as widely as we had hoped.


Background:  I was working at a liberal arts university that began to develop a series of online degrees.  Many courses within the general education core that were being offered face-to-face were also developed online.  Online courses were 8-weeks while the on-ground campus had 15-week semesters.


Online course sections were normally capped at 25 students and the decision was made to allow on-campus students to utilize unused “seats”, believing this would help those with scheduling issues and others like athletes and music majors with heavy travel schedules.  As a result, online GE courses normally had enrollments including both online and on-campus students.


We wanted to study this dynamic to determine why on-campus students chose to take an online course, determine the experience of the students in online sections, and explore if grades given in online sections were either higher or lower than the same courses delivered on-ground.


The study: In the fall of 2014 and spring of 2015, surveys were given to students in 100 (mostly) and 200 level GE courses where both an online and on-ground section was offered.  This included an art and music, public speaking, math, English, biology, philosophy and religious studies course.  Surveys included a section where students were asked why they chose an online option (if they were an on-campus student) and various questions about how well the course met certain quality criteria and their expectations entering the course.  Responses were generally indicated using a 5-point Likert scale where 1 represented students were “very displeased” with this element of the course, 3 was “neutral”, and 5 “very pleased”. Grades were compared in fall 2014 for matched online and face-to-face sections through data provided by the Registrar. 


Results: Between the fall and spring terms, we received 154 survey responses (45% response rate).  Of these 32% were from males and 67% were from females.  Forty percent of the surveys were from students taking the online sections while 60% from individuals taking on-ground classes.  Of those taking an online section, 77% were primarily on-campus students and 23% fully online.  While online classes included students in all years of their program, the majority were either freshmen or seniors.


Primarily on-ground students who chose online sections were able to indicate why they chose an online option from a list or add their own response.  They could select any or all choices within this list.  Respondents indicated that the largest motivation to take the online format over a face-to-face alternative was either time convenience (67%) or scheduling conflicts with other classes (57%). The perception that the online course would be easier was the third most selected option (33%) followed fourth by the desire to try an online class (27%).


To examine the perception of students in online and F2F sections, we compared student responses to the Likert scale questions.  The following table depicts these results.


Table 1- Comparison of online and F2F student responses



Ability of course to meet stated objectives



Feedback from instructor



Community building with classmates



Spiritual reflection & growth




As can be seen, students in the online classes actually rated courses higher than F2F sections.  Feedback from instructor was the only difference found to be statistically significant (p=0.009) but it had a small to medium Effect Size of 0.227.


In the survey, we also asked students about their expectation of the quality of the online course before enrolling, their overall experience in the course, and their confidence in their ability to succeed online prior to starting class.  These responses were correlated with the responses listed in the table above.  Results of these correlations are below.


Table 2- Correlation of overall student feedback and specific course elements

Expectation for the quality of the course

Overall experience in the course

Confidence in the ability to succeed online

Ability of course to meet objectives




Feedback from instructor




Community building with classmates




Spiritual reflection and growth




*Significant at p < .05


Although a number of these findings were statically significant, r-squared values were only moderate.

We attempted to determine if student experience varied by class standing or experience with prior online classes.  Although our sample size for this data was too low to draw any concrete conclusions, in initial results we did not find either of these variables to impact student self-reported class experience.


Finally, after analyzing class grades in the fall, we found high similarity between delivery modes and student achievement.  While some variance existed, students in online and F2F classes normally received approximately the same proportion of A’s or B’s, C’s, or below C grades.  Results were similar enough that we chose to stop tracking this data after the fall term and only look at the percent of students who passed or failed.



  • Online classes were of benefit to on-campus students who had scheduling conflicts, but not utilized by athletes as heavily as we anticipated (we expected many student athletes to register for the classes).
  • Students need to be advised effectively to ensure they understand the rigors of online classes and don’t overload their schedules, particularly if these classes use accelerated schedules.
  • Although not a large focus of this study, grade evaluation aligned with the published studies that suggest that when classes are built upon a strong pedagogical model, differences in student performance may relate more to factors such as pre-existing academic strength, motivation, etc. and less the course modality itself. We found no reason to believe that grade were either higher in online classes or that students struggled due to the self-directed nature of online learning.
  • The fact that student self-reported satisfaction in several important areas was higher in online sections is likely due to intentional inclusion of these during the instructional design process. In the course development process, faculty building online classes worked closely with an instructional designer to ensure alignment between course objectives, content and student assessment.  A focus of course design was also student engagement and interaction with the instructor.
  • Correlations between student confidence in their ability to succeed online and the four elements of course satisfaction studied suggested that efforts to boost student confidence, either through advising or an orientation course may be beneficial, although no causal relationship can be inferred from the correlations alone.
  • Similarly, correlation between the aspects of student satisfaction and overall experience in the class suggests a value in both developing a pedagogically sound course and training faculty for effective course facilitation.


The evaluation process led to a number of other benefits around campus.  One example was a reevaluation of our 100-level course offerings.  When we dug deeper into why a large number of seniors were taking classes normally associated with freshman class standing, we learned that we were not offering enough sections of these for first-year students so a number of them had to put these off until later in their educational career.


I would be interested in whether anyone else here has conducted a similar study, either formally or anecdotally.  Is your experience similar to what we found a few years ago or different?


Best wishes!

Hi Community!


I have been teaching in a higher education graduate school for more than fourteen years and until my fall 2017 semester, I had been calculating my students' grades based on an 80% paper and a 20% multiple choice exam. This was tradition.  This was simply the way things had always been done.  Sure, one paper being worth 80% of a student's final grade was a high stake (when I was in school, this paper was worth 100% - that's progress!), but I figured that was simply what students needed to take the assignment seriously and put in the time and effort needed to earn a good grade. Were there problems from year to year? Yes. Other faculty members would notice and often complain that the students who were so consumed with the high-stakes paper were unprepared in their other classes - or worse - were absent from their other classes.  The concentration on my high-stakes paper was having a negative impact on the students' learning in their other classes. Also, the students themselves often complained about the stress they felt from feeling overwhelmed by having their grade ride almost entirely on this one assignment. 


This past fall, I decided to try a new approach.  Instead of two, I had five graded assessments. The assessments ranged in value from 5% to 40%. I found that the students took each assignment and my feedback seriously under this new assessment strategy, as they knew each assessment would impact their grade to some degree. I also found that they were eager to ask questions to be sure they understood the material. The 40% assessment was for the final paper.  While this was much less than 80%, I found that students were still feeling some anxiety from the weight given.  I will be tweaking my value system next semester so that no assessment will have a value greater than 25% and I am hopeful that this will reduce even more stress. In addition, I will be using Canvas for the first time this semester (I am part of the initial pilot program at my institution) and I am thankful for its organization and clarity - another stress reducer. If anyone has any similar experiences or has used Canvas effectively for a class with multiple, low-stakes assessments, please feel free to share.

We've created a module in Canvas Commons:  Using Badges (with Badgr) in your Canvas Courseto help faculty create and implement Badges [uses Canva and Badgr] in their course. There is also an Assignment, which has been shared via Canvas Commonthat ties to our Students: Intro to Canvas course (not shared to Canvas Commons).  Please take a look and let us know how we might improve these resources.

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