• Guest speaker on Conference

    I use BigBlueButton to meet with my class in real-time. I'd like to invite someone from "the outside world" to interact with them. What's the best way to do this? Intuitively, I'm thinking of doing a Google Hangout wi...
    Melinda Robins
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  • Existing quiz questions are not in unfilled questions in question banks?

    Quiz Questions and Question Banks    Existing quiz questions are not in unfilled questions in question banks?   I have read here that existing quiz questions should have a copy in question banks autom...
    Amy  Worth
    created by Amy Worth
  • Google LTI vs Microsoft 365 LTI vs OneNote with Canvas?

    We currently have students download a clinical self-evaluation Word document, which a student will edit throughout the course of the semester by filling out a column and comments for each clinical day.  I would l...
    Shannon Schreiner
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  • Why the Delay in Releasing the New Grade Book?

    This new grade book is going to be more complicated to work with. Why are you not releasing it BEFORE the beginning of the semester so profs can learn how to use it BEFORE students have access to it? Surely a company ...
    Deborah Okey
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  • Does Respondus work with new quizzes yet.

    When we renewed our Respondus license this year, I saw that there has been an update to version 4.0. Does anyone know if this makes Respondus compatible with New Quizzes?
    Debbie Ellis
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  • How to modify the mobile app

    The same javascript and css files that I upload to modify the web interface don't affect the mobile app. Is there a separate API for mobile? I haven't seen any discussions on this subject.
    Iver Davidson
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  • Student attendance self-registration

    Hi I am looking for a easy way to implement student attendance self-registration in Canvas. I have rather large classes and Roll Call is just not suited for the purpose. We have tried to use Quizzes with the IP fil...
    Caspar Facius
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  • In Quiz, is there a draw answer possibility?

    Am a Computer Engineering professor and want my students to draw a circuit for the answer in a quiz.  Is there a sketch pad tool like there is a calculator tool that can be activated for them to hand draw so...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Module-specific analytics

    Hello! Our librarian created a module that we have copied into a few courses. Is there a way to grab analytics just on that one module?
    Bernadette Poerio
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  • Max File Upload Size

    What is the max file upload size for Canvas given the storage file size is the default 500MB?
    Gary Buckway
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  • Is it possible to export a student list with Group information?

    Hello,   Is it possible to export a student list to a spreadsheet with group information in it?   Thank you,   Chun
    Chun Li
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  • How to go "build" the text of a formula if you are expecting student to type out the formula, and not a numerical answer?

    I am trying to use Formula Question in Quizzes to "build" a text answer of a formula that includes or not sections of text depending on the random value of a variable in the body of the question.  I see lots of e...
    Dr. Maria M. L. Petrie
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  • Moderated group assignments

    Since we cannot have a moderated group assignment, has anyone discovered a way to have multiple reviewers for a group assignment?
    Lonnie Morris
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  • Is anyone using the Blueprint Course functionality? I would love to hear about your experience.

    Hi. I am keen to hear from anyone who is using the Blueprint Course functionality  - the pros and cons, and about any pitfalls that I should be mindful of if our college adopts this approach. So far I have quite ...
    Natalie Hamilton
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  • How do we upload audio files?

    Is there a way to set-up the record/upload media button ? I have the button on my institution account but not on the open source account that I am using for another organization.
    Kenneth Rogers
    created by Kenneth Rogers
  • Audio question for a language listening quiz

    Hi, We're looking into making audio for a listening quiz and are trying to figure out the playback options for the students. We'd like to have them listen just once before answering questions - are there any ways to ...
    Stephanie Solomon
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  • Zoom integrating in some courses

    I have noticed that two of my courses I can go into Zoom tool in Canvas and it will show my meetings and the tabs. When I am in any other course I am associated with as a teacher, I click Zoom and nothing shows up exc...
    Kenneth Rogers
    created by Kenneth Rogers
  • Online Science Labs

    Hello all! We are looking to change our science lab providers for our Chemistry and Physics online offerings. Do any of you great Canvas users have experience with a particular science lab provider that: is HTML5 ba...
    Alan Kinsey
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  • Status of Quizzes and Quizzes.Next (or LTI) for 2019/2020

    I understand from my research that active development on the original Quizzes tool has stopped as the transition to Quizzes.Next (aka LTI) ramps up.  What I was unable to find was a clear timeframe for the formal...
    Rob Peregoodoff
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  • Can you link to multiple navigation areas on one page?

    I have created a page and inserted three images that I want to use to link to different areas in the course. One image says modules and I want to link it to the modules page, one says syllabus and I want to link it to...
    Tamara Gaspar
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