• Is anyone using the Blueprint Course functionality? I would love to hear about your experience.

    Hi. I am keen to hear from anyone who is using the Blueprint Course functionality  - the pros and cons, and about any pitfalls that I should be mindful of if our college adopts this approach. So far I have quite ...
    Natalie Hamilton
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  • How do we upload audio files?

    Is there a way to set-up the record/upload media button ? I have the button on my institution account but not on the open source account that I am using for another organization.
    Kenneth Rogers
    created by Kenneth Rogers
  • Audio question for a language listening quiz

    Hi, We're looking into making audio for a listening quiz and are trying to figure out the playback options for the students. We'd like to have them listen just once before answering questions - are there any ways to ...
    Stephanie Solomon
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  • Zoom integrating in some courses

    I have noticed that two of my courses I can go into Zoom tool in Canvas and it will show my meetings and the tabs. When I am in any other course I am associated with as a teacher, I click Zoom and nothing shows up exc...
    Kenneth Rogers
    created by Kenneth Rogers
  • Online Science Labs

    Hello all! We are looking to change our science lab providers for our Chemistry and Physics online offerings. Do any of you great Canvas users have experience with a particular science lab provider that: is HTML5 ba...
    Alan Kinsey
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  • Status of Quizzes and Quizzes.Next (or LTI) for 2019/2020

    I understand from my research that active development on the original Quizzes tool has stopped as the transition to Quizzes.Next (aka LTI) ramps up.  What I was unable to find was a clear timeframe for the formal...
    Rob Peregoodoff
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  • Help With Login Page Meta Data/Search Engine Redirects

    Hi, friends! I've been presented with an interesting challenge.   We call our portal and authentication provider (CAS) ACES. Occasionally, when someone wants to simply login to the portal, they google ACES ...
    Kenneth Rogers
    created by Kenneth Rogers
  • Can you link to multiple navigation areas on one page?

    I have created a page and inserted three images that I want to use to link to different areas in the course. One image says modules and I want to link it to the modules page, one says syllabus and I want to link it to...
    Tamara Gaspar
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  • How to proctor online exams?

    Our accreditation agency requires evidence of the following items:        ~ Appropriate measures required of students participating in distance and/or correspondence education to en...
    Rose Henness
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  • Syllabus Statement for Using Analytics?

    Hello, At a faculty meeting today we were discussing the use of analytics to monitor student activity and then using it to contact students to help them improve their understanding and engagement.   A question ...
    Jann Sutton
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  • Mastery Paths (Two Scenarios)

    Hello everyone. I have two instances in which I would like to use Mastery Paths.   Scenario One Students in one course are studying four different topics. I would like to use Mastery Paths so students only...
    Kim Whiteside
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  • Outcome and Rubrics: Accreditation and Assessment Integration with CANVAS

    As the department's assessment coordinator, I would dream that my colleagues could use outcomes and link them to specific assignments/quizzes/projects in Canvas. However, we've run into the following problems:   ...
    Wei Wu
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  • Alphabetizing Student Names on App

    For heaven's sake, who decided it was a good idea to alphabetize students' names by first name rather than last name when listing submitted assignments on the newest update of the Canvas Teacher app?  I grade on ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Text entry with attached article

    I gave my students assignment this week to research a peer reviewed article on a given topic, write a summary of the article in a text entry box, then attach their article.  When my students attempted to do this,...
    Margi Clark
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  • Community Involvement in InstructureCon Session Proposal Selection?

    Are any members of the community (outside of Instructure employees) involved in anyway with vetting and the selection of conference sessions?       Most all of the Higher Education conferences I a...
    Kevin Reeve
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  • Comments and HIghlighting Options Disappeared

    My Comments, Highlighting, section at the top of the papers that I am trying to grade has disappeared. I cannot now make remarks for my students in the body of their papers. How do I get that back, please?
    Kathy Pitts
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  • Canvas gradebook icon...what's it mean?

    So my Canvas gradebook is showing this icon in some of the student grades. I've never seen it before and can't find it referenced in any of the guides. It's not shown in How do I use the icons and colors i...
    Deborah Oakley
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  • Canvas in Higher Ed

    Is there a comprehensive list of Canvas usage in Higher Education for the US and Worldwide? 
  • Discussions and automatic subscription

    Every time I post a reply in a discussion area I am being automatically subscribed to that discussion.  I do not wish to be subscribed without choosing to subscribe.  Is there a workaround for this issue? R...
    Del Helms
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  • Two-Part Discussion Managment

    Discussion Management.  I have the same threaded discussion assigned to each student individually. Each student must make an initial post by mid-week before being allowed to see other's posts. Then, they need to...
    Margaret Case
    created by Margaret Case