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Jackie Myers
Click to view contentThe Training Services Portal is where you can find videos, courses, and pathways that you can embark on to learn more about using Canvas. If your institution offers limited or unlimited subscription (webinars) you will also find a calendar full of live training events on the Training Calendar that you can attend.    We have recently added… (Show more)
Gerald Q. Maguire
I use a lot of videos in one of the courses that I am involved with and have spent about 6 weeks adding captions to videos. One of the things that I found missing was a description of the keyboard shortcuts that one can use when watching a video - when using the Kaltura player. I found some information… (Show more)
Renee Carney
Bias. Racism. Awareness. Equity. Just a few of the many powerful words heard in recent conversations around the globe following weeks of protests and unrest that clearly demonstrate we all have work to do. These conversations can be difficult, even painful at times, but very necessary. As a Community, our role in these conversations is to create a… (Show more)
Alissa Amundson
Dear Teacher/Professor:    Let’s be honest, students don’t often notice a missing assignment without some kind of nudge or reminder.  Canvas alerts students to missing assignments, but a glaring “0” score in the Gradebook might be the prompting they need.   However, many educators forget to enter that “missing assignment” zero when they enter… (Show more)
Fatema Baldiwala
Click to view content   Online Learning Teaching in the throes of a pandemic Can be tricky, because classes are all online Students reactions ranged from the academic to the eccentric To suddenly find themselves still in school while in quarantine   Slacking off is not an option, for… (Show more)
Alissa Amundson
Click to view contentDear Teacher/Professor,   How often do you need to adjust or change a due date for an assignment? Canvas has a few easy ways to change due dates!   If you want to quickly change one due date (ie. “Oh we’re not going to be ready for that assignment on Thursday, let's bump it to Friday!”), go to the Calendar and “drag and drop” the assignment from… (Show more)
Alissa Amundson
Click to view contentDear Teachers,    Canvas has a great (new) feature that can make is much easier to share your content with your colleagues.  It's called DIRECT SHARE.   You can directly share assignments, discussions, quizzes, and content pages with a colleague AND you can also send those same items to a different course that you teach... DIRECTLY (not using the… (Show more)
Kelvin Dean
Click to view contentIf your course is in a term that has closed grading periods, hope is not lost. We'll show you how to cope with this.   Creating Assignments (& New Quizzes) Outside of Grading Periods This is somewhat tricky. For example, you have the following grading periods in the Fall 2017 semester:   Sample grading periods for the Fall 2017 semester. I… (Show more)
cheryl campbell
When you archive your comments from your canvas inbox, where do they go? How can I find them again if I need them/
Renee Carney
In the face of disruption and uncertainty, educators are finding ways to provide continuity and stability through innovation. Some are reaching out directly to their students, some are lifting and educating other teachers, some are sharing their brilliance with anyone in the world—and some are doing all of these. If you’re in education, you’ve… (Show more)
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