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Bobby Pedersen
Recently a colleague introduced me to ctrl K in Canvas. The magic it can do is pretty cool. How did we get anything done without it?   For example, a friend I was working with was annoyed with how the links they had put in to their Canvas page were taking them out of Canvas. This was not the end of the world as the back arrow brought them back… (Show more)
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Eric Werth
Our Special Education teachers would like to be able to view assignments and content in their students' Canvas courses so they can help students stay on top of assignments.  It wouldn't work to add them to the courses as students because there would be too many to manage.  I'd like to give them access to be able to see course content, but if I set… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
When Shauna Vorkink - Senior Manager first approached me about collaborating on a Course Evaluation Checklist with Erin Keefe - Training Team Lead and Deonne Johnson - Consultant, I was beyond thrilled. I knew this was something I could utilize in my current position as an Instructional Designer for Instructure, but even more importantly, it would… (Show more)
Are any of you using E-Portfolios in the elementary school setting?  If so are there specific grade level requirements.  Do you use them mainly to showcase projects or a combination of that and required competencies?  I have searched a bit and couldn't find much here on Canvas.  If anyone is using them already I would love to pick your brain.  If… (Show more)
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Stephanie Embry
Wondering if there would be any issues with current grades if we were to add grading periods now? Grading periods were not set-up at the beginning of the year. Thank you.
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Stefanie Sanders
Howdy all,  A little birdie told me today that Instructure had updated the trusty Canvas Status Page. I might have got a teensy bit excited at this fact, and thought it would be a great time to write my first blog post, and to give you all a rundown.   Individual Components The first thing you might notice is you can now see a much greater level… (Show more)
Ashley Horn
The first year teacher is full of questions: Is my classroom organized properly? Have I mastered content standards well enough to teach them effectively? How will I contribute to my PLC? In the midst of question whirlwinds, teachers have initiatives sent down the pipeline that must be integrated into the classroom each year; some stick and others… (Show more)
in K-12
We're a mid-size school district with around 14,000 students on Canvas.  Our district has been using Canvas for several years, but until now we have not offered Canvas parent accounts. We're expecting quite a bit of interest when this is announced since parents have been asking for this access. This brings up the question of support.   We'd… (Show more)
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