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Shawn Moore
I discovered this excellent post by Jeremy Perkins, titled Using J Query without custom Javascript. I immediately set to work making my next set of Assignments (and my first Module) something more attention getting than just a long scrolling page. I'm familiar with HTML and comfortable enough to modify snippets of code, so I started copying,… (Show more)
in K-12
Gideon Williams
Web2.0 tools are software features freely available on the web that you can embed on a Canvas Page. The benefits of using the tools is that they can increase engagement and enthusiasm in learning as many of them offer opportunities for students to interact directly with the resource. The resources can help personalise learning and also allow… (Show more)
in K-12
Steven Copeland
Inspired by this topic.   Hey all,   I recently had some trouble with sending in an assignment with canvas. At the top right hand corner I was supposed to put the date, my name, class, and assignment. The problem was that I was creating a text box on the header:     You see those right angles? Those show where the header is. When I put the… (Show more)
in K-12
Steven Copeland
What are the best devices to use canvas on?
Roxanne Conroy
Is there a way I can bulk export multiple course gradebooks at one time? I would like to export the gradebooks for an entire term (or the information that is in there) without having to go into each course and do an individual export.  
Kona Jones
We are adopting the Maths Pathway platform at our K-12 School and in an attempt to have all parent/student information (feedback, assessment, coursework etc.) in one place we would like to integrate this resource into Canvas.   Has anyone done this or know if it is at all possible? We would love to have the Parent portal of Maths Pathway… (Show more)
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