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Cassie Arnold
We are currently using the Thin Common Cartridges given to us from Pearson for our digital textbooks, and while this works fine on the computer, use of them through the Canvas App is problematic. When I go to click on the textbook to "Open in a new window" nothing happens. I am just curious if anyone else is having this problem? Is there some sort… (Show more)
in K-12
We really like the parent notification piece of Seesaw but are looking for the best way to use it within Canvas as well.
in K-12
Melanie Weser
Can I (as the admin) create observer accounts for all my parents from the data in my SIS? If so, how is this done?
in K-12
Shifra Baltinester
Does anyone out there have a document sent to k-12 parents with explanation about Canvas, how to use it - how to see their students' assignment and scores? 
in K-12
Bobby Pedersen
Fellow K-12ers, I am curious about how you use the 'Syllabus' section of Canvas. do you use it at all? Is it more of a secondary, tertiary tool? Many thanks in anticipation. k_12 syllabus tool
in K-12
HI everyone, My College is only new to Canvas (and we are loving it). Has anyone found a good way to complete lesson registration with a date stamp and digital signature? Particularly when there are multiple classes doing the one course. With thanks. Stacy David SUMMERVILLE
in K-12
Cara Gurysh
We are interested in developing ways to use Canvas to help with our curriculum mapping. We are looking to be able to create courses for a subject area that include Unit plans (with associated standards), resources for particular units, assessment options. The idea would be for teachers to be able to pull ready made activities, etc. into their… (Show more)
in K-12
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