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Bobby Pedersen
We are introducing Canvas to primary schools in our state. Is it possible to simplify the login for younger students, or those with special needs? 
in K-12
C Gurysh
Has anyone had any experience/issues with the Canvas/Newsela integration? We have recently purchased Newsela Pro. We have found the integration problematic. There are two issues which are problematic: All courses sync to Newsela which means that even unpublished and past enrollment courses are syncing. This means teachers have courses showing… (Show more)
in K-12
Stefanie Sanders
I was just wondering if any High Schools are using Canvas for e-portfolios. And if yes, how are you doing reporting on the outcomes.
I am helping the staff at my school get started with Canvas.  We are a K-5 school. I have encouraged all of them to complete our district's Canvas challenge course but want to give them something more.  What would you show them?     Thoughts? Thanks Marie
Todd Nasife
I recently started using the Peer Review feature with assignments and found it to be a great way for students to edit or asses each other's work and offer feedback and suggestions. I have used it primarily in math class when I do daily review at the start of the lesson.   I post an image or a PDF of a daily review sheet from the teacher resources… (Show more)
in K-12
Matt Hanes
I'm the Canvas admin for our school district and I've been put on the team for our Middle and High School Math adoption committee. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Math curriculum that will interface with Canvas. Whether they have an LTI compatible app or some Common Cartridge materials that can be loaded up into Canvas. Really… (Show more)
in K-12
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