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It feels like preparing your Tax return! No one looks forward to doing it, but it sure is nice to have it done – especially if you get a refund. So it is with switching over from the legacy Turnitin API integration (to be deprecated by the end of 2016) to the new Turnitin LTI integration. As a Canvas Admin, configuring the switch over is actually pretty easy and takes just a few minutes. The real challenge is  explaining how this change will affect the workflow of your teachers and students.


First off, I have to let you know about the Canvas and Turnitin blog post Dallas Hulsey has crafted! It has nearly everything, anyone would need to know about making the switch over and he does an amazing job keeping that up to date while responding to a variety of questions and what if scenarios! I wanted to add to the effort by making a simple getting started guide and video that highlights the basics and shows both the teacher and student perspectives. So , I read Dallas' blog post at least three times and tested out a variety of scenarios, just to be sure I understood the nuances of how the new LTI integration works. Once I was comfortable with this, I took a bunch of screenshots with Snagit and pasted them into a shared Google Presentation then added some annotations to each slide. I call this a slide guide. It give you a quick visual of what you need to know, but then I expanded on it by making a screencast of me going through the slides and elaborating on them. For that I make sure my Google slides are displayed so they are 1280 x 720 pixels. I do this by dragging the browser window so that the slides are the same size as this 720p graphic I made. Then I use ScreenFlow to record the screencast and upload it to YouTube. Below are the finished products I just sent out to our teachers. Please feel free to share them and/or make a copy of the slides to use with your staff.



If these are helpful to you, I'd love to hear your feedback and I'd really appreciate it if you would take a moment to look at FAST & EASY Way to Copy Content on the FLY and if you like it, please VOTE it UP

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