Gideon Williams

It's just the little things...

Blog Post created by Gideon Williams Champion on Dec 12, 2016

I use quizzes a lot in my Physics lessons. I try to use a mix of closed and open question both to add variety to the quiz (and, if I am honest, to cut down on the marking!)


When I set open answers, especially formula based questions, I like to give students feedback on their work. This is particularly important when the question may be worth 3-4 marks and they maty not be sure why they did not gain full marks.


One thing that particularly irritated me was the size of the Additional comments feedback box. Invariably I would find myself manually resizing it before each question as I found myself making lots of mistakes in my typing amongst other things.


I mentioned this to our IT expert Michael who, quick as a flash, altered the code to resize all the comment boxes:

As I said, its just the little things, but boy, do they make a BIG difference.....