Individual student pages through groups

Blog Post created by Stacy LAMBERT on May 13, 2017

HI Everyone,

As a relatively new user (under 12 months) we are constantly discovering things that Canvas can do and how we can match it to the needs of our students. I am sure people have already discovered this, but I thought it was worthy to share. Our HT Information Technology David SUMMERVILLE worked this out - when you make groups in the People section of your class, just put one student in each group. They then have access to their "own Canvas page" within your class. I have a small (10 student) Stage 5 Japanese class doing a project based learning assessment task using this function. They can blog their progress, set themselves reminders through announcements, the calendar, collaborate with others if they choose to etc. They have the power to use the functions of Canvas, but still keep their notes, thoughts, ideas and tasks private (knowing that I can see it as well). I can also use the announcement tool within their group page and they are the only ones that see it. It has been great for mid task feedback without having to submit whole sections of the task and student teacher communication without losing messages in email feeds. Another great function for the students!