Sandra Reitzel

The Way I See It

Blog Post created by Sandra Reitzel on Jul 11, 2017

I have been using Canvas in my classroom for 2 years now. At first I just used it for quizzes, since my students had to take their Science EOG online that year, and I wanted them to be used to taking quizzes online. As the year went on I saw that Canvas modules were very useful for organizing content. I could post my slide presentations there, which helped my students follow along with instruction, or access the slides if they were absent that day.


As time went on I saw how nice it was to post assignments to Canvas for my students, instead of running off 170 sheets of paper I could post the assignments one time, and all of my students could access them, most of them even if they were absent that day.I will admit having that many students, and on an A day B day schedule, it is hard for me to remember who is absent. So this enables my students to keep up with the work. I started using Announcements to send reminders of important due dates and upcoming events. I love having the my tests and quizzes graded for me!


Now that I am becoming somewhat of an 'expert' using Canvas, I look forward to really seeing the power of this LMS. I look forward to using more Discussions with Rubrics, Collaborations, Mastery Paths, and streamlining my course. I have to say I can not relinquish total control of my teaching to an online system, but I can really target my individual student needs and make learning engaging and appropriate for all of my students.