Tammy Hendershot

New to Canvas

Blog Post created by Tammy Hendershot on Jul 18, 2017

I have used Google classroom for two years.   I really enjoy the ease of use and the fact that when it is uploaded it is instant.  I find it a little restricting and unorganized.  I used classroom because when I took the Canvas pd last summer.  It was hard to build and required a lot of time.  The major drawback was that it did not integrate with google suite.  


I have attended several district pd's on Canvas this summer. I have learned that there are easier ways to create buttons, add assignments and connect to my google drive.   I have learned many new was to improve my google side of the equation.  I am taking other courses in Canvas this summer.  


I am very excited to dust off my old sandbox and rebuild the my canvas page.  II am ready  have signed up for additional work days offered by my district so that I can get it up and running by the begging of school.  Any ideas or apps that I can add on to make me and my students experience easier?