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"We think many teachers live in their LMSes. Move a couch in, some mood lighting and flowers in that corner over there and it's practically home." 



I stumbled on this quote today and had to share. Any other pearls of wisdom out there?

I recently started using the Peer Review feature with assignments and found it to be a great way for students to edit or asses each other's work and offer feedback and suggestions. I have used it primarily in math class when I do daily review at the start of the lesson.


I post an image or a PDF of a daily review sheet from the teacher resources and set the Submission Type for Online. I tend to have them do the work in their notebook and usually set the Online type to Text. This way they just type their answers into the assignment. This cuts down on slow typing and trying to type out their work for the problem. 


After clicking the "Require Peer Review" option, you will have to decide if you want to manually or automatically assign the peer review. I have been doing this manually and assigning peers based on students that I know work well together and would feel comfortable having that person review their work. The idea of peer review with any subject is new for some students, so I want them to feel comfortable with the process and who is working with them.

When the rest of the settings for the assignment are done, you will be able to click on the Peer Review section of the menu. You can assign several peer reviews to each student, but I have only been doing one per student.



When the students are finished with their assignment, they will be able to click on the name of the peer they are assigned to and see what they have submitted. They must leave at least one comment in order to save their review and have it posted. I work with elementary students and we are still practicing netiquette and good digital citizenship. I stress to them the importance of being positive with their reviews and keeping it on-topic. For example, if all the problems are correct they simply write "All correct" in the comment section. If one answer is wrong, they write "Check #7 and submit again". 


The Peer Review feature gives students the opportunity to collaborate, review work, and explain math concepts to others in ways that might be different from mine. I hope that this feature will make students feel safe and confident with sharing their work with others. I feel that this feature is a great way to not only review and assess math concepts, but to also establish a sense of security and respect online and in the classroom.

I’ve been getting my head around how to use Canvas lately and thoroughly enjoying how intuitive it is and how crisp it looks. So, there I was feeling jolly pleased with mastering Pages and Modules, experimenting with Assignments, using Discussions and Announcements.


Somehow through all of this new learning I had managed to overlook the magic of Collaborations. Silly me! The joy I felt with creating my first shared Word doc through Canvas was huge. Thank you Alannah for showing me! The potential of Collaborations is massive for all learners involved. I can’t wait to use it more, and I can’t wait to show more of my colleagues.

@How do I create a Microsoft Office 365 collaboration as an instructor?  


As a Canvas newbie I could be missing a lot of the potential uses of Collaborations. How are others using Collaborations within their Canvas courses? I’m interested to hear how Collaborations are used in different areas of school organisations eg. Administration, Staff Professional Development, K-6 classes etc.


Great group to belong to here Canvas User Group: Office 365 


Ryan Corris

Autoplay a Song

Posted by Ryan Corris Champion Nov 2, 2017
I had a Jr. High teacher ask me a great question today!  She wanted to know if it was possible to have Canvas play a celebratory song after students completed a module.  This teacher wanted to have a few seconds of "We Are the Champions" by Queen play upon successful completion of a module.  Initially I wasn't sure if it would be possible.  After thinking for a few minutes, I had an idea that ended up working.  This is what I did to make it work.  Hopefully it will work for you as well.  
I created a module and I made the music file the last item in my module.  (I would more than likely have more than two items in a module for this, but this is what I was experimenting with at the time.) 
Two item module with a music file as last item
I added the mp3 file as a file upload.  When I move to it from the previous item (in this case FlipGrid 2) the music automatically plays.
This is how I added the sound file as a file upload...
When you add a module item, select File from the drop down menu and click New File (assuming the file has not already been uploaded to your course). 
Add module item window with "File" selected.
Click Choose File, and browse for the music clip on your computer, select it, and click Open.
Then click Add Item.
(For more information see 4152,41427)
If you want to make sure students do not open the music file before everything is completed, you can set requirements within the module and select the option to make sure that module items are completed in sequential order.  To do this, click on the gear to the right of the title of the module and select Edit.
  • Add requirements at the bottom of the window making sure that the music file is the last requirement.  
  • Check radio button for Students must complete all of these requirements.
  • Check the box for Students must complete all of these requirements in sequential order.
  • Then click Update Module.
Edit Module Settings window with some requirements set.
(This should make students complete every item before being able to access the music file.  When they access the music file, it should open a page and play automatically.)
My items in this module only have the option to set the requirement to View the item. There are other completion options for various items such as...
  • submitting for an assignment
  • replying to a discussion
  • scoring at or above a minimum score (set by teacher) on quizzes or other graded items
  • etc.


For more information on setting requirements in modules see 4152,61967

It is always fun to find new ways to do things and make things work in Canvas.  If you use this idea, I would love to hear about it.  If you find an easier way to do this, I would love to hear that as well.

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