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Someone recently asked me what I think the most important concept is when I'm training faculty. I didn't even hesitate with my answer; instantly, it was Modules. 


I know not every faculty member uses them, and I have seen some really amazing courses - especially at the higher ed level - that use a different structure. Regardless, I remain in the camp of a well-designed Canvas course will almost always use Modules. 


Admittedly - Modules aren't always the easiest concept to impart to new Canvas users. My favorite simile is that it's like a big folder, and you can put all of the great pieces of content inside for your students to see. I always emphasize that once a student is in the Module, the huge bonus is those previous and next buttons, so they can move through the content like turning the pages of a book. We can slow them down or cause them to reflect with Requirements, and we can even use MasteryPaths to further individualize their Module progression. All of this I usually accompany with a visual tour of a Module in one of my Canvas courses, highlighting the very best use cases of the tool. 


That usually begins to clear up the Modules mystery. I also wanted to share something else I created in the last few weeks that I'm hoping further helps Modules make sense to new Canvas folks.  Feel free to use it if you think it's helpful!



Canvas Trainer/Training Team Lead - Contractors


Canvas Course Elements Infographic

I recently reconfigured what was initially a PLC reflection rubric that I utilized with history teachers (in a previous life) into a Canvas Usage Reflection rubric.


The idea was to blend the core attributes of blended learning (student control and choice) with the 4 Cs (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication) in one rubric that could serve as a reference for Canvas users, regardless of their 'level' of usage.


Once the basics were laid out, I attempted to add hyperlinks where there were beneficial, at least in my opinion.


Please feel free to download and adapt for your purposes and please share what strategies and/or resources you've utilized to empower Canvas users to own and drive their own 'next steps'. Thank you!

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